• pattulus

    +1 for the_buch's suggestion. I like the way 1Writer handel folders, too.

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  • pattulus

    I'd love to have this feature, too. I have several folders that I access regularly:

    • Notes/
    • Todos
    • Lists/
    • Scripts/…
    • Blog/Site1/Source-Files/Posts
    • Blog/Site1/Source-Files/Drafts

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  • pattulus

    I think I had an error in the script, since somehow remoteFilePath sneaked into the definition where only the placeholder remote_directory should be.

    @ccc I tried your alternations but had no luck so far (see errors in the gist):

    I also made a gist to explain better what I'm after: https://gist.github.com/pattulus/bf20b63b457a259752ed

    At the moment I only have a mix and match wisdom about Python. Hopefully in 6 months everything is clearer.

    UPDATE: cclauss (is it you @ccc ?) fixed it for me. I can now delete the quick and dirty fix I setup (- a cronjob which creates the folder each month).

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  • pattulus

    Ole was so nice to help me with upload script for sending an image to blog. My last obstacle is that I can't get Paramiko to create subfolders in my uploads folder (c.f. "uploads/2013/08").

    I put the question on StackOverflow, but since it's likely that the problem with my code is iOS related my hopes aren't high.

    Here's the full story: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18047808/sftp-upload-via-python-and-pythonista-with-paramiko-cant-create-directory-subd

    If anyone here can help, I'd be one step closer to get my mobile blogging going.

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