• How did you get in-app purchases to work? Were you able to code that in python or did you have to include C code? I’d like to do the same for my App Store app.

  • OK got this sorted. After rolling back the requests and DropBox updates (latest versions) I installed the specific version that synchronator quoted as the minimum using stash

    pip install ‘dropbox==7.2.1‘

    Now everything works! Thanks everyone.

  • Many thanks that's done it. I was a bit thrown by the syntax of how an objective-c delegate maps to the python method, but I think I get it now. I know precious little objective-c which isn't helping!

    Thanks again.

  • Yes, I am indeed using the XCode App Template (probably should have said this in the first placE). This thread discussing integrating Ads, but not in-app purchases. It also indicates objc_util is the way to go. I'll do a bit of research

  • Just to give this a little bump...the issue seems to happen when I use anything other than the basic fonts e.g. if I use Courier or Arial they appear fine in both the Pythonista an the Xcode App, however as soon as I user anything like 'Arial Bold' or 'Arial Rounded' it will show up fine in the Pythonista App, but appears tiny in the Xcode app. seems like somehow the Xcode template doesn't support the font variants. Any ideas?

  • Thanks, I followed your advice and I now have managed to submit to Test Flight for testing. Many thanks for your help.

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