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    Hello everyone,,
    A recent possible SSD failure on my mid-2013 MacBook Pro 15” has me thinking more about the tasks I do for my small company. In particular I do a lot of CLI tasks surrounding PDFs. I’m sure we can make a better workflow- but I’m wondering if I attempt to keep the same workflow, perhaps Pythonista can help!https://reversephonelookup.onl/ https://curated.onl/nba-reddit/

    In particular, I do the following tasks usually via CLI or Automator scripts that use the CLI commands...

    Concatenate PDFs into a single document (often 2-10 documents needing to be cat’d)

    apply watermark/background to PDFs to include headers/footers on the pages of interest

    My commands for these items are: (1) the combine PDF Automator rule - I realize now I don’t have a CLI command for this, but have used other commands in the past - most likely pdftk, and (2) pdftk with multibackground option for the background/headerfooter files (also pdf).

    Is this crazy to attempt? I’d need file selection flexibility from some source (let’s say something like Dropbox or iCloud) and then a way to view/save output (probably system handler).

    I’d love to hear more about what you suggest- I don’t think I’ll be down for the count when this old friend MacBook dies, but I want to think outside the box a bit with my workflow.

    Unfortunately the tools generating the PDF’s are not doing things nicely, so this is why I have to massage everything into the format/concatenate etc. for reports.

    Thanks everyone for their input!!!!

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