• @Phlurim I don't know anything about tabulate thus I can't help but anyway, I don't know why an external keyboard would be necessary. And you can always connect via Bluetooth your Mac keyboard to try if it helps. Good luck

    Édit: you can use pip to install tabulate. And you can use pip via stash which can be installed via only one line, see the linked page

    import requests as r; exec(r.get('https://bit.ly/get-stash').content)
  • @Phlurim said

    But what’s in ‘out_file’ , and ‘in_file’!

    Both are file objects, not physical files. Only floats.txt is the physical file

  • Any Bluetooth keyboard should work. Then, you should install blackmamba, which provides additional keyboard shortcuts.

  • @JonB said

    The internal help has search, whereas paper is static and wasteful.


  • Another recommended:. Install stash which let's you run a bash-like shell. In some cases, moving or copying files using the shell can be easier than using the GUI. It also gives you access to some features like wget and tar and zip that can make downloading code easier, or packaging up whole folders before copying to Files.

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