• It was not meant as a link, happened automatically?

  • Yes PeterG and PKHG are the same. Asking as PKHG for the forgotton password did not work 2-3 times, therfore a new account...

  • @ccc THAT was the real timesaver, thanks a lot 😉

  • #! python2 # Piano # # A simple multi-touch piano. from scene import * import sound from itertools import chain class Key (object): def __init__(self, frame): self.frame = frame self.name = None self.touch = None self.color = Color(1, 1, 1) self.highlight_color = Color(0.9, 0.9, 0.9) def hit_test(self, touch): return touch.location in self.frame class Piano (Scene): def setup(self): self.white_keys = [] self.black_keys = [] white_key_names = ['Piano_C3','Piano_D3', 'Piano_E3', 'Piano_F3', 'Piano_G3', 'Piano_A3', 'Piano_B3', 'Piano_C4', 'Piano_D4', 'Piano_E4', 'Piano_F4', 'Piano_G4'] #white_key_names_nogniiet = #['Piano_02','Piano_D2','Piano_E2','Piano_F2','Piano_G2','Piano_A2','Piano_B2','Piano_C3'] black_key_names = ['Piano_C3#', 'Piano_D3#', 'Piano_F3#', 'Piano_G3#', 'Piano_A3#', 'piano:C4#', 'Piano_D4#', 'Piano_F4#'] for key_name in chain(white_key_names, black_key_names): sound.load_effect(key_name) white_positions = range(12) black_positions = [0.5, 1.5, 3.5, 4.5, 5.5, 7.5, 8.5, 10.5] key_w = self.size.w / 2# pkhg factor 0.5 key_h = self.size.h / 8 /2 for i in range(len(white_key_names)): pos = white_positions[i] key = Key(Rect(0, pos * key_h, key_w, key_h)) key.name = white_key_names[i] self.white_keys.append(key) for i in range(len(black_key_names)): pos = black_positions[i] key = Key(Rect(0, pos * key_h + 10, key_w * 0.6, key_h - 20)) key.name = black_key_names[i] key.color = Color(0, 0, 0) key.highlight_color = Color(0.2, 0.2, 0.2) self.black_keys.append(key) def draw(self): stroke_weight(1) stroke(0.5, 0.5, 0.5) for key in chain(self.white_keys, self.black_keys): if key.touch is not None: fill(*key.highlight_color.as_tuple()) else: fill(*key.color.as_tuple()) rect(*key.frame.as_tuple()) def touch_began(self, touch): for key in chain(self.black_keys, self.white_keys): if key.hit_test(touch): key.touch = touch sound.play_effect(key.name) return def touch_moved(self, touch): hit_key = None for key in chain(self.black_keys, self.white_keys): hit = key.hit_test(touch) if hit and hit_key is None: hit_key = key if key.touch is None: key.touch = touch sound.play_effect(key.name) if key.touch == touch and key is not hit_key: key.touch = None def touch_ended(self, touch): for key in chain(self.black_keys, self.white_keys): if key.touch == touch: key.touch = None run(Piano(), PORTRAIT)

    Append the Piano till G4

  • @PKHG , after you share a gist, the URL is copied to the clipboard. A HUD comes up telling you so. You can use the link item here and paste in the gist's URL.
    I made this test gist. Anonymous, but not private settings.
    Should would if you click the link, but its not inline as @zrzka points out.

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