• pumplerod

    As the above states...

    What doesn't yet work:
        Unzip / ungzip / untar of the modules
        Moving them into the correct place

    For some reason I got the impression that this was finally working but I'm not sure why.
    using shellista I'm able to manually unzip and untar the modules, however I'm not sure how to get them bundled and installed properly after that.

    I'm sure I did this a year or so ago, but my memory fails me.

    For future releases I would Strongly vote in favor of some pip type install being built into pythonista.

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  • pumplerod

    It does seem like the moduleName.tar.gz file never passes the "#PK Check" within "_unzip()"
    So the file is never unzipped. I still can't track down where the "True" message is coming from or why,if the return of "_py_build()" is None, does an error not get thrown.

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  • pumplerod

    Ahh, sorry, numpy was a bad example. However, shouldn't some error be reported? I've also tried with boto, scipy, StarCluster, ipython

    with each of these, if you try "import 'theModuleName'" right after the .tar.gz file is downloaded, you get no error. However, after the Compiling message if you try to import you get an ImportError: No moudle named... error.

    are each of these not written in Python? Is there a way to tell if modules are written in pure python?

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  • pumplerod

    So, after getting a new iPad and running the new iOS I reinstalled pythonista and am trying the new pipista importer which runs without error, however nothing ever seems to get installed.


    runs through compiling pure python modules - True

    and then nothing.

    No files appear in pypi-modules. Am I missing something?

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