• pwtc

    This sounds great.

    What about script invocation? As far as I understand, there are three ways to invoke a script:

    • from Pythonista editor
    • from Pythonista prompt
    • from another App via the Pythonista URL scheme (with URL-encoded args)

    Is this correct ?

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  • pwtc

    I want to write and run Python scripts on my iPhone.
    It is not clear to me whether I should go for Pythonista or Editorial.

    What are the differences and similarities of the two regarding Python editing/running ?

    Do they use the same Python runtime and provide the same Python capabilities, standard modules and omz-modules ?

    By the way, I saw the list of provided standard modules, Numpy-matplotlib modules and omz-specific modules,
    but is there a list of the standard python.org modules NOT included ?


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