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    uiopen pythonista://top_stories.py?action=run&root=icloud
    'Not Found
    The file 'top_stories.py' could not be found'

    iCloud folder structure:

    I'm still lost!


    If I run the command this way around:

    uiopen pythonista://top_stories.py?root=icloud&action=run

    It opens the top_stories.py for editing but does not run it.

    Maybe Actviator.app is not parsing the '&' character correctly (I'm trying to launch Pythonista from Activator.app -> run command)

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    I'm running a script in iOS terminal using the following command:

    uiopen pythonista://top_stories/top_stories?action=run&root=icloud

    Pythonista opens and says this error message:

    Not Found
    The file 'top_stories/top_stories' could not be found'

    The script I want to run is located here within Pythonista:


    It also doesn't work if I move top_stories.py to iCloud root folder:

    uiopen pythonista://top_stories?action=run&root=icloud

    My iCloud folder on my phone:

    I'm not sure why my script is not being found. I'm launching Pythonista from a terminal application (jailbroken).
    Any ideas?

    (local storage works, just not iCloud, how come?)

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    I've read the ui guide but I haven't found a solution to my problem.

    Given my pyui in my_gui.pyui:

    How can I access the ui elements in my separate my_ui.py file?

    For example, I want pressing the 'Small' button to set the text of the text field to 'this is small'.
    Right now I cannot make the button make changes to the text field element.

    import ui
    import imgtagr
    import clipboard
    def small_tapped(sender):
        sender.title = 'cool'
    def medium_tapped(sender):
    def large_tapped(sender):
    def none_tapped(sender):
    def main():

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