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    Option+Shift+lt/rt arrow works great for selecting text, having a key to press to bring up 'help' on selected syntax would be nice (or, is there a key to do that now and I haven't figured it out?)

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    Tutorial Doctor:

    re: Markdown Tables

    I occasionally import (often via Command-C) csv data tables, paste into an Editorial doc and run the Tidy/create MMD table on and...nicely formatted table complete with headers from the csv file.

    Pretty quick and easy. If I wanted, I could automate the task using something like Launch Center Pro to grab the file from Dropbox and send it to a new file in Editorial and call the Tidy/create action on it.

    If I was building the table within Editorial, I'd do the same - just enter the data as csv.

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    nvALT is a good plain text alternative to Editorial. It has much better sorting (by name, date[s], tags) and searching for files, searching for text within files.

    Editorial workflows are similar to the many available Mac services (Automator scripts) you can install or build and use with nvALT and many other plain text editors.

    I like BBEdit as a do everything (plain text/markdown --> html) editor which is built to use services and Applescripts as well as shell scripts.

    Users have created a lot of macros for Keyboard Maestro that do the same or similar as most of the Automator services.

    There's lots more OS X tools - like Sublime Text - that are both editors that run scripts which Editorial tries to emulate on iOS.

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