• Cheers everyone, Jon that’s where I nabbed that snippet from in first place! The issue is the proximity to the edge of the image I think, mine were very close to the edge so I tried a bigger black border and I did try messing with the numbers a bit on properties.Seems to work better but still not perfect.

  • Well, it is important to look at the traceback, and try to understand what it is telling you.

    AttributeError 'NoneType' has no attribute .text means you tried to access a .text attribute on an object which is None.

    So, if you look at where you try to access .text, you will see it is date['label1'] -- so for some reason, that lookup is returning None. That must mean there is no subview named label1 within the view you are accessing.

    Since you didn't provide the contents of your pyui or code that creates your view, it is hard to debug remotely. You can rename your .pyui to .json, and copy/paste to the forum. Common mistakes include:

    If you have views that have subviews that have othe subviews, you might be referring to a label1 which is a subview of a different subview, not the date subview. you may have spelled the name wrong. maybe you were copying code from the forums, but you haven't actually created the same view structure. This code seems to expect a button within the main view, the main view has a subview called datepicker, and the datepicker view has a subview called label1. Is that what you intended? Or maybe you meant sender.superview['label1'] ?

    Also, as a suggestion, you should usually create a new post, rather than replying to someone else's post when you have an unrelated question.

  • Wow above and beyond the call of duty thankyou!

  • @mikael said:

    first = True
    def layout(self):
    if self.first:
    self.first = False

    Perfect exactly what I’m after thankyou Mikel :)

  • @rb, if you do a lot of little animations, I will once again plug the scripter lib. You can pip install it.

  • Cannot find this other than under mail, not on my ios13 both iphone and ipad. If have might solve the issue. Any hint how to find them.

  • Thankyou I think you did ! I’ll give it a go :)

  • For future reference: I also looked into setting an ObjC mask view, but UIKit does not have any nice built-in method for inverting the alpha channel of the mask, so that would have ended up having as much code as the above solution.

  • Thanks works perfectly:)

  • Yeah the real ants is what I was looking for obvs!

    Thanks guys :)
    I think I just really needed to understand that it’s not
    .set_line_dash(sequence [,phase])
    but more like:
    .set_line_dash([10,15,10,15] ,phase)

    Which is what was confusing me..

  • I’m actually using the reload method and it seems fine - I guess it’s just really inefficient is that what your saying @JonB ?
    Thanks for help so far everyone.

  • Thankyou for that got it working at last :). I need to set each cells bg rather than the table - got it.

  • @mikael awesome I will check this out looks like exactly what I’m after thankyou :)

  • ahh, yes, you could also use your pyui as root, add the bgv as a subview, and send bgv to back.

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