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    This again?

    1. Go get a quote to develop an app exactly like Pythonista
    2. Review if what you paid is fair

    As a developer myself I am sick of people setting unrealistic expectations from developers.

    This isn't a mass-market app, in fact there are far more reasons to use Apple's Swift or Objective-C over Python than the inverse.

    With niche market apps comes niche market waiting.

    There is a lot of work that goes into supporting the various little things (internal modules).

    Even C-based Python addons aren't always going to be easy to port over to iOS.

    There are tons of options for getting exactly what you want from the massive SDK released by Apple, but none of them allow you to do develop right on the device.

    Feel free to review the available options- in fact feel free to develop a competing product!

    The truth of the matter is, there is plenty that Pythonista can do, and it is able to solve a lot of problems for a lot of people.

    For instance, little "junk" apps which are simple in python but current iOS options are riddled with ads, etc can be made with ease.

    Unless I am mistaken I don't think omz is making millions from this app.

    Also, I can't see anyone here actually reading enough documentation or forum posts to refer to him as anything other than "The developer".

    Any developer who could actually use the enhanced functionality correctly can do it themselves.

    If you don't have the skills to implement it yourself, learn more, or choose another project.

    While Pythonista remains the best in its small market, stop whining and perhaps help by solving issues and posting code.


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    Hi there,

    You can often get support right here in the forums - support from developers can be limited - especially when it's a single person supporting the app.

    I for one would be happy to help guide you through whatever troubleshooting steps are required.

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    Well outside of jailbreaking - It won't be as nice to develop - especially since I'd have to build out all of the interfaces the implementation of the new functionality.

    I should also state that I use Pythonista for fun, and to solve problems on my iDevices that I can't otherwise.

    That - and i'm too lazy to break out the MBP.

    Thanks for clarifying - better than wasting my time.

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    Okay, I get it cool.

    Too bad, seemed too easy.

    @omz are you open to a community contribution?

    Perhaps a github page where members can contribute code and - when you get time you can review and include?

    I am sure the top members here would be happy to ensure code quality on PR's.

    Let me know

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    @omz - is there any way I can contribute or help?

    ie updating modules etc?

    I've been playing with some OSS python stuff on iOS here just to figure it all out.

    I really don't care to get paid or that Pythonista is a commercial app, it's about the community.

    Outside of testing the beta, of course!

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    Hi all,

    I was thinking about extending Pythonista functionality, I know I can work to build Python extensions when using the iTunes kit from @omz but I have some questions..

    1. Can Pythonista / iTunes Kit be used to build a framework?

    2. If I build Python modules against the same version as Pythonista, would a sys.path modification allow it to work, assuming it was embedded into the framework?

    3. Do I have any other options for building modules that others could use?

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    Note: I meant super().add_subview for regular subview

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    Hello it's me again!

    I am playing around with implementing a UIStackView via objc_util

    I have two questions:

    1. How do I get access to the Enumerations?

    Such as "UILayoutConstraintAxisVertical" or "UIStackView.Distribution.fill"?

    I've used the load_framework helper to load UIKit, and QuartzCore and no luck.


    1. I know I can't use ui.View.add_subview() when using a custom UIView class (such as UIStackView); but I can access ui.View().objc_instance.addSubview() and it seems to work.

    My code is too messy to post, but I will later if I can't get it going with this.

    I am setting up a subclass of ui.View(), from there I've setup UIStackView as self.stackview.

    The UIStackView uses its subviews to render the content.

    Is there anything i can do to allow me to use the ui.View().add_subview()?


    Also, if anyone can give me a thought on how I am planning on implementing this..

    class StackView (ui.View):
        def __init__(self):
            self.stackview = UIStackView.alloc().init()
            # Setup stackview options..
            # Setup properties for common used SV opt's
        def add_subview(self, subview, use_stackview=True):
            # TODO: Add Error checking
            if use_stackview:

    This is a quick rough idea of how I see it working, so it "feels" like it was embedded in Pythonista.

    Any help on above items would be grand!

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    Hey thank you everyone.

    I must have had a typo when I initially posted this - but it seems to work now.

    Notes: I used ui.parse_color('blue').CGColor()

    This works with RGBA, Hex and Named Colors.

    Ill post the code when done, I am using this to create custom button styles, along with some custom styles for "checkbox" functionality (circles, squares, stars, etc)

    Thanks again for your help!

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    Hello Pythonistas,

    I need some help - how can I use objc_util to use the CAGradientLayer class.

    I can't seem to figure out what Framework(s) I might need to load.

    Using ObjcClass it can't seem to find CAGradientLayer.

    Ideally I want to setup a function which can generate buttons and views with a gradient as a background.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    I don't want to compete with omz nor do I want him to open source anything .

    Using the objc_util library we can most definitely implement more intervals for the community.

    If you want pandas/scipy, I would suggest searching how to port python libs to iOS, get a full dynamic library going, and offer it up to @omz

    My intention is to HELP the existing project.

    I should note however- as powerful as iOS devices are, they aren't built for scientific computing really.

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    Oh - I wanted to add one more point:

    For those that help - I will provide a continuous build account at no charge :)

    I will be setting up a Mac server online - primarily to fill in the lack of SAAS Continuous Integration servers for iOS/Mac Technologies.

    Obviously in exchange I am getting to use your excellent work for my hobby projects.

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    Excellent point- see my other post which will help all but pandas or scipy.

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    Hi Pythonista gurus:

    I want to propose a new github project dedicated to Pythonista- managed by its users.

    Effectively, I want to build in new projects, as well as links to established repos.

    Think of it as "Awesome Pythonista" meets a BeeWare type suite.


    As we all know @omz is MIA for the moment.

    We need to bring Pythonista development to the forefront of emerging technologies for mobile development.

    I am even contemplating building an Android app which is compatible with Pythonista (where possible)

    We need to build out real world examples, high quality tutorials and even (if anyone wants to help) write/publish a book.

    The gurus here are constantly pushing the boundaries of Pythonista showcasing that the platform has potential.

    Other discussion items include:

    • Ability to build an xcode project using cookiecutter to setup as buildable project using the SDK
    • Compatibility classes for native OS's
    • Android (if possible)
    • Pythonista build server (paid) - I will set that up, think Travis CI / AppVeyor
    • Clear module development path - building for the community as well as ourselves.

    This is a thankless job, however even open source organizations can make money.

    I will pony up for the articles of incorporation for the OSS company, and share full financials with all contributing volunteers - I am not looking to get rich from this.

    However- we can build ourselves as a industry experts on Python for Mobile Development.

    Rather than rambling on - may I ask if anyone is interested?

    This will help @ole focus on Pythonista more, especially if it means him earning more.

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    Ill give you that an author not responding to his paying customers is challenging.

    However - let's give ole a chance to respond.

    One last point to make: @ole is a human being, we have no idea what is holding him up.

    Personally- when my family is in need I wouldn't give a moments thought to the project.

    Again - not suggesting anything, in fact I will be satisfied to know @ole is doing well.

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    Just to add a bit to the previous answer:

    Setup a new method which strictly redraws the self.path object, with the exception that you will maintain a list(), which contains all coordinates required paths (each line drawn)

    In the case of undo, pop the last item from the list and call your redraw function which will replay each draw op (except for the last)

    You will have to keep a list of "redo" as well for completeness, if you do this, before you pop the last result, add it to another list holding the redo actions.

    If I get time I will post an example- but TBH don't hold your breath, got a 2 month old who owns me now.

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    Take a look at the cv module documentation.

    It might also be helpful to look at the Python examples for Linux/Pi BTLE stuff.

    Im not sure anyone here has the time to build out a functioning example.


    You can send notifications to the phone, but you can't have it ring continuously unless you have a corporate certificate (and even then it's challenging)

    Your best option is email, or to look at your mobile provider to see if they provide a free sms gateway you can use.

    Else, you can use push notifications (paid generally) and have your mobile app open up to a status page.

    Wifi networks are the easiest- as you could write a simple API that would sit on the pi.

    Have the app poll the server on a regular interval during an alarm state, and stop polling once it has cleared.

    You will be able to use the app to monitor what is happening.

    Hope this helps in some way

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    Well, we need to remember economics of what @ole does.

    If 100 people pay $30.00 per year, that's $3000 - not worth too much additional effort.

    1000 people? $30,000. Quite a sum of money- but won't get you far in many places, ie Berlin.

    Don't forget Apple's 30% cut, which isn't taken into account above.

    10,000 people - well now we are talking- however I don't think that even 1000 annual subscribers is possible, especially as an "upgrade"

    Here is why:

    1. You still need a Mac (currently, though I have an idea for it) to build/distribute on App store

    2. Swift is dead easy to learn, and is fully supported native in iOS.

    3. There are FAR less developers than end users.

    4. Developing software on a phone/ipad - however nice on Pythonista isn't even a full solution.

    5. There are numerous projects to build iOS apps in python that are free and open source- nothing like Pythonista, but FREE.

    6. Pythonista's main draw is the fact that Ole has created a ton of libs to support native functionality (i.e. all of the internal modules)


    The bottom line: The amount of work it would take to guarantee updates, there isn't a market which can compete with his other business: indy developer.

    This is very much a project of passion, and the price tag that it sits at is quite low.

    Coda is a very nice mobile IDE, $30.00 (CAD) to buy and it doesn't support any languages internally.

    If @ole ever gets tired of supporting it, I might ask him to release it open source and I would contribute regularly.

    Other than that - we need to get more people (a lot) onto Pythonista or I fear it will never be a top priority.

    Note: I don't know Ole personally, and I am throwing random numbers out. But we all need to keep in mind Ole isn't getting independently wealthy from Pythonista or Editorial.

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