• rex_noctis

    I have recently been messing around with the turtle module on PC and have come up with a few handy programs. I then became curious about the possibilities on Pythonista. I am attempting to make a simple program where the title will move to where the user taps. The onclick() does not seem to work. I will include the code I was trying to use below. How would I make a program like this and is there any documentation on turtle in Pythonista (I couldn’t find any)?


    from turtle import *
    screen = Screen()
    def moveTo(x, y):
         setpos(x, y)

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  • rex_noctis

    So I have been having a problem for a while.
    I am trying to make a program that whilst running will listen for a key word (for example ‘Apple’) and then will activate a piece of code upon hearing it.
    I have tried creating a loop that records 2 seconds of audio then performs speech recognition on it, but much of the time, the word is said during the speech recognition process and therefore is not picked up.
    How can I get it so that it will keep listening and the only margin of error is the quality of the speech recognition? I can’t think of anything.

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  • rex_noctis

    So long story short, I’m good at playing games with touch screen controls and I’m bad with an Xbox controller. However I like slot of Xbox games so this somewhat limits me. So I was wondering if there was some way I could write a programme to connect to my Xbox via Bluetooth and then use custom controls (possible made using scene module) to control it instead of the usual physical controller. I’ll divide this up into a few questions to make it a bit simpler. I know there is a sort of controller on the Xbox app but apparently that can’t be used with games.

    1. Is there a module or other way to connect to more advanced devices via Bluetooth (the cb module says it’s only for basic Bluetooth devices)?
    2. Would I be able to control the Xbox through this method without having to modify the Xbox in any way?
    3. If it’s looking good so far, what are some of the pieces of code I would need to use (quite specifically)?
      Thanks in advance.

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  • rex_noctis

    So I am working on a project with the UI module, with the end goal of having it published to the App Store. Is there any way to compile and publish the .py and .pyui files together to the App Store or would I have to redesign the entire project with the scene module?

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  • rex_noctis

    @cvp okay thanks for your help!

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  • rex_noctis

    @cvp said:

    @rex_noctis Did you try the 3 Australian voices?

    speech: en-AU Objective-c: en-AU, Name: Catherine
    speech: en-AU Objective-c: en-AU, Name: Gordon
    speech: en-AU Objective-c: en-AU, Name: Karen```

    How do I determine between those in the speech.say() line cause they’re all en-AU

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  • rex_noctis

    @cvp I have extensively read that post, it hasn’t helped.

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  • rex_noctis

    So I am building a text to speech program. It currently says text in the default Daniel Encanced voice. I want the program to say stuff in the Australian Male Siri voice. How would I do that? I have tried speech.say(‘Hello’, ‘en-AU’) but this uses a different Australian voice. Please help.

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  • rex_noctis

    Thanks, it’s working now!

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  • rex_noctis

    I just realised the error. It’s meant to be Rect(self.player.position.x-12, self.player.position.y-12, 24, 24) I forgot the .x on the end of position. Thanks for making me notice it!

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  • rex_noctis

    I am making a game. In the def update(self): bit I have the code

    player_hitbox = Rect(self.player.position-12, self.player.position-12, 24, 24)
    if self.enemy1.frame.intersects(player_hitbox):

    However, when I run the game, there is this error:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "/var/containers/Bundle/Application/D2B5AEDE-2A6F-4263-8217-08037B4C2570/Pythonista3.app/Frameworks/Py3Kit.framework/pylib/site-packages/scene.py", line 199, in _draw
      File "/private/var/mobile/Containers/Shared/AppGroup/6311A336-2012-414A-9433-E66D7EBF131D/Pythonista3/Documents/impossibleGame.py", line 147, in update
        player_hitbox = Rect(self.player.position-12, self.player.position-12, 24, 24)
    TypeError: Unsupported operand type(s)

    How can I get it so when the player’s hit box intersects enemy1’s frame, it runs self.gameOver()?

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  • rex_noctis

    I don’t really know how to explain this but I’ll try.
    I’m making a game using scene. I am using four buttons to control the movement of the player, however currently, if I hold down on the movement buttons, the character only moves one step in the given direction. The reason for this is because in def touch_began(self, touch): I have only told it to move the player one step. I tried implementing a variable that changed depending on what button was pressed and then in def update(self): telling it to move in whichever direction the variable (move) specifies. When I try this, the buttons don’t even respond. How can I get it so the player (self.player) moves in the direction of the button pressed until the user is no longer pressing the button?
    Here is my game code at the moment (I have only programmed the up button in touch_began):

    from scene import *
    import time
    class Game(Scene):
        def setup(self):
            self.background_color = '#ffffff'
            #Up button
            self.upCtrl = SpriteNode('2018-07-21 7.32.39 pm.png')
            self.upCtrl.x_scale = 100/2048
            self.upCtrl.y_scale = 100/2048
            self.upCtrl.position = (self.size.x/2), 175
            #Left button
            self.leftCtrl = SpriteNode('2018-07-21 7.17.22 pm (1).png')
            self.leftCtrl.x_scale = 100/600
            self.leftCtrl.y_scale = 100/600
            self.leftCtrl.position = (self.size.x/2)-100, 75
            self.downCtrl = SpriteNode('2018-07-21 7.17.22 pm (2).png')
            self.downCtrl.x_scale = 100/600
            self.downCtrl.y_scale = 100/600
            self.downCtrl.position = self.size.x/2, 75
            #Right button
            self.rightCtrl = SpriteNode('2018-07-21 7.17.22 pm (3).png')
            self.rightCtrl.x_scale = 100/600
            self.rightCtrl.y_scale = 100/600
            self.rightCtrl.position = (self.size.x/2)+100, 75
            #Game map
            self.gameMap = SpriteNode('2018-07-21 8.06.38 pm.png')
            self.gameMap.x_scale = 2
            self.gameMap.y_scale = 2
            self.gameMap.position = self.size.x/2, (self.size.y/2)+100
            #Player sprite
            self.player = SpriteNode('2018-07-21 9.05.27 pm.png')
            self.player.x_scale = 2
            self.player.y_scale = 2
            self.player.position = (self.size.w/2)-415, (self.size.h/2)+100
        def touch_began(self, touch):
            touch_loc = touch.location
            if touch_loc in self.upCtrl.frame:
                self.player.position = self.player.position.x, self.player.position.y+5
    run(Game(), LANDSCAPE, show_fps=True)```

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