• Basically, you would have to convert the markdown to html, and then view the html in a window view.

    You can make the text in the view editable by using a "contenteditable" tag. I am thinking python can be used to convert the file back to markdown and save it in the current file.

    Sounds very possible though.

  • Just tap "New Template" at the bottom of the template picker, enter something like "Untitled.fountain" in the filename field, and tap "Done". You can also rename the template to something like "Fountain Screenplay" and choose a custom icon by tapping the "(i)" button next to the new template afterwards.

  • Editorial already supports assigning keyboard shortcuts to workflows. Just tap on "Abbreviation / Shortcut" in a workflow's details. Note that abbreviations and shortcuts are not the same thing. An abbreviation can be typed either with the on-screen keyboard or with a hardware keyboard, but it cannot contain modifier keys. A typical abbreviation would consist of multiple letters. A shortcut however only consists of one key plus one to four modifier keys (⌘=command, ⌥=option, ⇧=shift, ⌃=control). The shortcut is defined in the top row of the shortcut/abbreviation settings.

  • Found it. Thanks a lot, Ole. I always set options through the "full" settings.

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