• richiwalt

    I have a Pythonista script that processes some end-of-the-month budget stuff with spreadsheets. The script needs several input balance_brought_forward items for several accounts.

    I have an "Input.txt" file opened by Textastic app editor with a webbrowser call on iPad. The file has several name-value pairs. I would like the user to update values in the file, and the Python script only continue execution when the user hits the "Pythonista" upper left breadcrumb to return to Pythonista app. Right now, I am halting the program with a silly looking input-prompt: "Hit any key to continue".

    Is there a way to handle this blocking issue?

    x-callback-URL schema looks promising, but I have been unsuccessful in getting that to work.
    I've also looked at subprocess.call(), but that doesn't seem to help either.

    Suggestions welcomed

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  • richiwalt

    Why is formatted colored text out considered invalid syntax ?

    print "%d = \033[91m%d\033[0m x %d \033[92m(or %d)\033[0m with a remainder of: %d" % (num1, m, num2, num2*m, r)

    Is there something I’m overlooking or is this not supported ?

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