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    I am pretty new to Python and coding generally, and I have been trying to learn by writing something in Pythonista that might help my daughter with her reading. The idea is that a word appears at the top of the screen (e.g. 'cow') and your score increases if you touch the corresponding picture on a 4 x 4 grid of various images.

    I have been 90% there for a while now, but I'm struggling to deal properly with touch values and also to retain the grid of images after the first touch. My most recent efforts seem to have only made it worse (!), so I am turning to the forum in desperation...

    I still haven't completely got my head around classes and methods, and I suspect this might be where I am going wrong. If anyone is able to take a look I would be very grateful. My code is as follows:

    from scene import *
    import Image
    import random
    import sound
    import time
    class MyScene (Scene):
            def setup(self):
                    # Set up layer1 (where score and word will appear)
                    self.root_layer = Layer(self.bounds)    
                    self.layer1 = Layer(Rect(0, 200, self.size.w, self.size.h - 200))
                    # Create black background
                    background(0, 0, 0)
                    # Setup screen
                    self.w, self.h = self.size.w, self.size.h - 200
                    self.col_width = self.w / 4
                    self.row_height = self.h / 4
                    # Create list of images and the word which will appear with each one.
                    self.images = [('Ant', 'a n t'), ('Bear_Face', 'b e a r'), ('Bug', 'c a t e r p i l l a r'), ('Chicken', 'c h i c k e n'), ('Cow_Face', 'c o w'), ('Dog_Face', 'd o g'), ('Elephant', 'e l e p h a n t'), ('Fish', 'f i s h'), ('Frog_Face', 'f r o g'), ('Honeybee', 'b e e'), ('Pig_Face', 'p i g'),('Snail', 's n a i l'), ('Snake', 's n a k e'), ('Whale', 'w h a l e'), ('Tiger_Face', 't i g e r'), ('Rabbit_Face', 'r a b b i t')] * 2
                    # Draw grid of images
                    self.co_ords = []
                    self.a = []
                    self.rects = []
                    for i in range(16):
                            x, y = (i % 4) * self.col_width, (i / 4) * self.row_height
                            self.a = []
                            self.rects.append( Rect( x, y, self.col_width, self.row_height ))
                    for i in range(len(self.co_ords)):
                            image(self.images[i][0], self.co_ords[i][0], self.co_ords[i][1], self.col_width, self.row_height)
                    # Pick random image
                    # Set self.score to 0
                    self.score = 0
                    # Display word and score
            def update_score(self):
                    # display score
                    text("Score: " + str(self.score), font_name='ChalkboardSE-Bold', font_size=24.0, x = self.w / 20, y = self.size.h - 100, alignment = 6)
            def update_answer(self):
                    # display legible version of answer
                    text(self.images[self.current_image][1], font_name='ChalkboardSE-Bold', font_size=72.0, x = self.w * 0.5, y = self.size.h - 100, alignment=5)
            def random_image(self):
                    # choose a random image
                    self.current_image = random.randint(0, len(self.images) - 1)
            def touch_ended(self, touch):           
                    # check touch.location against list of self.rects
                    for n, r in enumerate( self.rects ):
                            if touch.location in r:
                                    # if touch.location is within correct image:
                                    if n == self.current_image:
                                            self.score += 1
                                    # if touch.location is outside correct image:
                                    if n != self.current_image:
                                            self.score -= 1

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  • richwoodham

    @ccc My incredibly unimaginative working title was 'Image_ID', but I'll see if I can think of something better. Although you ought to have naming rights, as it was you who got it working! My daughter has been enjoying using it, and it's definitely helping her recognise letters and words, so thank you again for your help with it.

    @Phuket2 I have experimented a little with ui in Editorial recently, and in hindsight I agree that using it for this app would have made sense. I think I originally went with scene because, compared to ui, I was able to make sense more easily of the Pythonista example scripts which used it. I realise now that ui would have done a lot of the work for me. I might have learned a little less, though.

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  • richwoodham

    Fantastic - thank you. While my daughter learns her animal words, I will be studying your code and working out where I went wrong!

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  • richwoodham

    Thank you ccc for addressing the line I was most ashamed of!

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