• rmcmichael

    @lipschitz I think you are right. While I agree with others that native MacOS Python development is great, there are two cases where I'd like to see Pythonista for IOS run under Catalyst.

    First, when I'm developing a Pythonista app to run on IOS, and I happen to be at home in front of my big screen, I like to use @code and let iCloud sync the changes to my iPad or iPhone. Then I run and test there. The sync time is normally about 2 seconds for changes. Some times much longer depending on the vagaries of iCloud. With Pythonista running on the Mac, maybe it would be faster? Certainly cmd-tabbing to Pythonista without having to pick up the phone would be convenient.

    Second, Pythonista nicely solves the "throw a UI together" problem. Certainly better than tkinter. If it ran under Catalyst, then I get access to my apps everywhere. Would also be nice for the folks who use apps I write for them.

    I wish Apple had embraced Pythonista as a first-class language for app development. This could be the next best thing.

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  • rmcmichael

    I found that my iPad Pro with the Apple external keyboard case was inserting slanted quotes instead of the UTF-8 quote characters expected by the Python interpreter for string literals. This was causing me to get the error:

    Warning: could not load custom attributes of view "xyz": invalid character in identifier

    I had to detach the keyboard and use the on-screen keyboard to get the correct string literal characters inserted. Note this applies to the IOS keyboard that pops up when editing custom attributes in the UI designer.

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