I've searched a bit and have not found a direct answer to this.

    I am creating a series of workflows to...

    1. create a file based on a form input (I have built a custom UI for this)
    2. save that file to a 'drafts' folder in Dropbox
    3. display the created file in the editor for review

    My question, as you can probably surmise, is regarding starting with a sane (and absolute) path, since Editorial opens in the last location that the user viewed. I need to start the workflow at the dropbox root to ensure that the file goes where it is supposed to go.

    I have noticed that I can successfully prepend folder names within the existing workflow template for "set file contents" which would work fine, as long as I can ensure that the user is starting from the root.

    Is there a simple way I can begin a workflow by forcing the user to the Dropbox root? os.chdir doesn't seem to have any effect upon the Editorial browser, and I am guessing that the Editorial browser's current folder is what is used in the included workflow action templates for "set file contents"?

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  • RNC

    Would "sync with dropbox" in the process not work?


    create new document, delete old document, sync with dropbox, refresh view?

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