• rename the .pyui into .txt so you can edit it as text only to see its content

    Renaming from .pyui to .json also allows you to edit the file in Pythonista with the added advantage of syntax highlighting.

  • Create a file in your
    Modules and Packages -> site-packages-3 folder, called pythonista_startup.py

    Now paste the above code in, and force quit pythonista. Now, every time you start pythonista, that code will run.

    You can add whatever other customization you need.

  • No,I totally misread his post.

  • @Robert_Tompkins obviously too late because here we just wake up.


    See the underscore

  • Okay got it.

    actions = [A.move_to(self.size.w / 2, -25, d), A.remove()] meteor.run_action(A.group(A.sequence(actions), A.rotate_by(2*pi, d)))

    Did the trick!

  • Alright, made some quick changes to setup what was mentioned.
    I attempted this on the Laser objects..
    I will have to dive in a little more to determine where this is happening, but here is what I noticed.

    Here is some misc. output I use for debugging that was produced when I noticed this occurring..

    Generating Lasers with 992 left
    timeToGen 2000 Lasers: 0.12253904342651367
    generateMeteorLists: 0.006246089935302734
    stage: 2
    Generating Lasers with 2993 left
    timeToGen 1000 Lasers: 0.07495284080505371
    generateMeteorLists: 3.814697265625e-06
    stage: 3
    Generating Lasers with 3995 left
    timeToGen 1000 Lasers: 0.08381533622741699
    generateMeteorLists: 3.0994415283203125e-06
    stage: 4
    maxExecutionTimeUpdate: 0.1294388771057129
    Max Star execution time: 0.0003571510314941406
    Max Item Collision execution time: 0.0007109642028808594
    Max Laser Collision execution time: 0.0007081031799316406
    Max Spawn Item execution time: 0.00047898292541503906
    Max Should Fire execution time: 0.002073049545288086
    Active weapon: laser
    Weapon Upgrades:
    self.laserFireRateLevel: 50
    self.laserNumberOfLasersLevel: 1
    self.laserPowerLevel: 1
    Dictionary of self.children and count of each:
    <class '_scene2.SpriteNode'>: 230
    <class 'scene.LabelNode'>: 5
    <class 'main.MiniRocket'>: 1000
    <class 'main.Laser'>: 4987
    <class 'main.Meteor'>: 170
    <class 'main.Star'>: 51
    <class 'main.Meteor2'>: 3
    len(listOfChildren): 6446
    self.stageNumber: 4

    I noticed that when firing lasers, I should have been firing 10 projectiles each time, but some of the projectiles were not visible. So I set a breakpoint and found that some of the lasers in my list of projectiles (contains all projectiles that have been fired and should be visible) have no parent.

    Unfortunately, the functions that may be involved in this are messy and I will need to dig around and clean up before I can efficiently get to root cause.

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