• rsayeed

    Wow, this is great. You got a pretty active community here!

    I'm basically trying to scrape-off some text from webpages and no, theres no JSON there. I'll surely look at this Beautiful Soup thing. THis is the time i heard it.

    So my plan is:

    I'm probably gonna use Pythonista's action extension.

    1. Browse the page on Safari (in iOS)
    2. execute the Pythonista extension (assuming I make it).
    3. Get the result Text
    4. safe/append it to a file in dropbox.

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  • rsayeed

    I wanted to know if there are any good scripts in use in Python that could demonstrate –Capture Specific Webpage text using regex/searchHTML and save as new textile in editorial? Before i embark on making on?

    I couldn't find one using search

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