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    I wrote a script that checks if a certain string is in the Notes field of a person object. The script worked great on my iPhone 6S, but after upgrading to an iPhone 11, the script broke. I’m not sure exactly why the change but I think I can describe the problem.

    The working version of the script stored an empty note as an empty string.

    On the iPhone 11, the Notes field does not seem to get read when using contacts.get_all_people()

    The person.note field imports as None for all contacts, even if there is a note written. I confirmed the note exists via the contacts app.

    I tried taken away contacts permission, and re-granting it and quitting the app completely and re-launching.

    I have not tried reinstalling the app or nuke and paving the whole OS.

    The new iPhone was restored from a backup.

    Any ideas?

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