• SamyBencherif


    Demo of a spining cube that is shaded based off of a light source

    Comes with a triangle function which allows you to draw shaded in triangles using pythonistas line draw function

    Code is free to use/reuse

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  • SamyBencherif

    Small edit makes it scale to whatever screensize it's on:

    #TODO: Clear (and random, play/pause?) buttons

    from scene import *
    from sound import play_effect, set_volume, load_effect
    from colorsys import hsv_to_rgb
    import pickle

    class DrumMachine (Scene):
    def setup(self):
    self.beat = 0.0

        self.sounds = ['Drums_01', 'Drums_02', 'Drums_03', 'Drums_06',
                       'Drums_10', 'Drums_11', 'Drums_11', 'Drums_15']
        for effect in self.sounds:
            with open('Drums.data', 'r') as f:
                self.grid = pickle.load(f)
        except EOFError:
            self.grid = [[False for col in xrange(16)] for row in xrange(8)]
    def draw(self):
        background(0, 0, 0)
        last_beat = int(self.beat)
        self.beat += 1.0/7.5
        self.beat %= 16
        play = int(self.beat) != last_beat
        for y in xrange(16):
            beat_row = int(self.beat) == y
            for x in xrange(8):
                if self.grid[x][y]:
                    h = x / 8.0
                    r, g, b = hsv_to_rgb(h, 1, 1)
                    if play and int(self.beat) == y:
                    if beat_row:
                        h = x / 8.0
                        r, g, b = hsv_to_rgb(h, 1, 1)
                        fill(r, g, b)
                        r, g, b = hsv_to_rgb(h, 1, 0.5)
                        fill(r, g, b)
                elif beat_row:
                    fill(1, 1, 1)
                    fill(0.50, 0.50, 0.50)
                rect(x*(self.bounds.w/4), y*(self.bounds.h/9), self.bounds.w/4, self.bounds.h/9)
                #rect(x * 96, y * 61, 95, 60)
    def touch_began(self, touch):
        x, y = touch.location.as_tuple()
        x = int(x / 96)
        y = int(y / 61)
        if y < 16:
            self.grid[x][y] = not self.grid[x][y]
    def stop(self):
        with open('Drums.data', 'w') as f:
            pickle.dump(self.grid, f)

    run(DrumMachine(), PORTRAIT)

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