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    One two different occasions, now, I’ve had scripts disappear on me, basically like what has happened to others in this thread:


    One was a script that I wrote, then more recently was the “Cards” script that came with Pythonista which I was not altering yesterday when it seems to have disappeared. Both times this occurred on a day that I was working on Pythonista with an external, Bluetooth enabled (Windows oriented) keyboard on my iPhone, ios 7.0.4. I have not used my external keyboard much just yet, but I plan on using it frequently when my iPad arrives in the near future.

    1. Is there a solution to stop this? (Besides not using the external keyboard which I am fond of.)

    2. In a prior life when I was working on large models in Excel and I worked with some numbskulls who would accidentally delete or blowup the models on the shared drive (and save the changes) I got in the habit of sending a copy of the model at the end of the day to my email, after saving it on the shared drive, so that I had it saved in two different channels. In this spirit, is there a script available that I could run that would grab all of my scripts and export all of them to a GitHub account or an email draft? (Or perhaps grab all of the code in all of the scripts and convert it into one large PDF which I could email to myself.)

    Archiving is something I am able to do fine for files individually right now, but I am wondering about something systematic to basically backup all scripts at once at the end of the day. I suspect that such a script is something I may be able to do myself, though I have barely progressed beyond the clueless stage in Python so far, so it’s a bit out of reach at present.

    Otherwise, I think the app is great, and it is proving to be quite excellent for use at home and when I am waiting for a train or bus to show up. Many thanks.

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    @ smath

    That's helpful -- I admit that with only 2 occurrences to date (and just my recollection of events at the time), my inference that the bluetooth keyboard is a culprit, was a pretty big guess. I am going to jot down more detailed notes if and when this happens again.

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    Thanks guys. Much appreciated.

    reg: JonB
    I am 95% certain that I didn't use the Cards script on Monday (when I last used bluetooth keyboard with my iPhone and when i believe the file went blank), or if I did, it was not used for more than a couple of minutes. Similarly I don't think it would have been the most recently active script. I don't think the script rename button is a culprit here, because the Cards.py file is still there, but blank. I currently have so few scripts that I can manually (and randomly do) go through all of the visible ones pretty quickly. I hadn't thought of hidden files, but I just checked os.listdir() and didn't see anything surprising.

    Right now since the number of scripts is small, I might try zipping though I will probably be tinkering with things here for a bit.

    re: ccc
    I had somehow concluded that we were disintermediated from Dropbox as of v1.5. I'll take a look at using this.

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