• scottcoulter

    Well that worked!

    I don't have the skills to mess around in Python, but holy moly, you have saved me dozens of hours of grinding work.

    Thank you so much!

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  • scottcoulter

    I normally don't ask the Internet to fix my stuff, but I am at a loss this time

    This used to work in Editorial, but now it hasn't for a number of months.

    I need to join a number of text lines into one. The number of lines various per document.

    For example:

    this is line one.
    this is line two.


    this is line.this is line two.

    As I said, this was working some months ago with a Regex workflow that I would edit for number of lines before running it. Now, nothing seems to work,

    Here is my broken workflow: link text

    Here is some example text: link text

    Any assistance would be tremendously appreciated
    Thank you

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