• secmast

    In fact writing the post I discover that I just need to understand a bit better the Variable type under Python.
    In this case this is a dictionary.
    Now I need to read a bit about dict type...
    But thanks...

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  • secmast

    With this simple script I can get the complete location information from the unit GPS.

    import location, time

    label1 = ""

    def getlocation(sender):
    label1 = str(location.get_location())


    And the result is the following
    {'latitude': 49.305450439453125, 'longitude': 2.5930605239319453, 'altitude': 28.290002822875977, 'timestamp': 1542108670.452639, 'horizontal_accuracy': 140.45985579622024, 'vertical_accuracy': 10.941082954406738, 'speed': -1.0, 'course': -1.0}

    But, and Iā€™m sure this is simple but my knowledge of python and programming in general is really poor.
    How can I get only latitude and longitude information out of a ?
    More generally how can I convert something that seems to be a mix of string and number. As the A variable have quotes and special character like ā€œ:ā€.

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