• sgamel

    I had an error because initially my default contact container was Google Exchange. I did change to iCloud and this should have fixed the issue.

    But it didn’t. I had to kill Pythonista and rerun my script to get my script run without arrow.

    My guess is that Pythonista kept the reference to Google contacts in some way and did not take my change into account.

    It is now working. Thanks for your reply.

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  • sgamel


    I’m trying to use the add_group function in Pythonista.
    I create a group object, set a name and call save.

    Seems that save fails with error, but I see no details in the console.

    Anything that I missed ?

    Here is my code:

    import contacts
    print('Groups {0.name!r}'.format(groupNames)) 
    allowed = contacts.is_authorized()
    print('Access to contacts allowed: {!r}'.format(allowed))
    group = contacts.Group()
    group.name = 'testing'
    print('Group {!r} - id: {!r}'.format(group.name, group.id))
    state = contacts.add_group(group)
    print('add group response: {!r}'.format(state))
    state = contacts.save()
    print('save response: {!r}'.format(state))
    print('Group {!r} - id: {!r}'.format(group.name, group.id))

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