• I am glad I am not the only one, I am using a iPad Pro and it use to be slow but now mines just crashes.

    @dgelessus no I haven’t, it appears to be sheer file numbers for me. I have been working on a docset viewer like dash on Mac for Pythonista and the amount of files the docsets I am downloading contain are causing the issue I think.

  • @simonh Working Copy works well, I'm using it and no problem. Anyway, you can do client sync (pull, commit, push) directly in the Pythonista if you're not affraid of shell. Just ...

    Install StaSH Launch StaSH by running launch_stash.py script Copy your private SSH key into ~/$HOME/.ssh

    ... and you're ready to go :)


  • Just wanted to share that I have added a number of features to PyDoc since I last posted about it here.

    Some of these include

    stack overflow docsets. the ability to download different version for standard and usercontributed docsets. transfer docsets in via a web browser display the app in panel mode, the default is full screen but can be changed in the settings screen.

    I am always looking for suggestions so please add them to the GitHub repo.

  • That worked thank you very much.

  • @dgelessus thanks for the explanation that makes sense.

  • Thanks @JonB I will add the activity indicator on click and the nav check on the view, just to make sure it doesn't occur again.

  • I just bought the App for the first time (didn't own previous version). Hope this is planned for the near future as it's important for those that need it. I am referring to numpy...

  • Yep. I just got the notification email from apple.

  • I believe it is in the python2 site-packages (I've been meaning to mention: @omz there is no way except for using stash to view the standard library for python2 in the beta. also, editor does not seem to export everything in the py2 version (like _get_editor_tab())

  • @scj643 if you want to take a look how it is implemented go right ahead and add it to objc_tools library. A lot of my implementation came from @jonb

    Thanks @jonb this working now.

  • Thanks @omz that's works a treat, if you didn't know or guessed I tried it pythonista 3 and the same issue exists.

  • @Phuket2 I am totally fine with ideas, improvements etc. If you feel like it I am happy for you to submit pull requests on GitHub.

    Notes against a snippet sounds like a good idea. I am currently working on tags but I think I will push that back I might restructure it first.
    Origin sounds good but I am thinking instead of just origin give the option to put a dictionary of values against so you can have other meta data about the snippet. This dictionary though would be added via a ui though so the user didn't know it was a dictionary.The ordering thing is a good idea as well not sure how I would track the count yet but I'll have a think about it.

    I did look at SqlAlchemy but I decided I knew how to write SQL and at the time I didn't particularly feel like learning it but I might take a second look at it before I move ahead on this a bit more.

  • Dialogs is intentionally minimal, with quick elements for short projects. That's great for quickly adding a bare-bones UI to something, but it means that for real control you need to use UI.

  • Thanks for trying, I will go with trying to put log statements in, just thought it might be easier to catch if I missed something though.

  • Thanks that works a treat

  • @shaun-h , thanks sounds interesting. I have cloned your repo. Will give some feedback as soon as I get a chance

  • A little nifty code I wrote to show the current working directory in the file browser. It works by pasting into class FilebrowserController in filebrowser.py. Tell me what you think :)

    def tableview_title_for_header(self, tableview, section): lst = str(os.getcwd()).split("/") for idx, item in enumerate(lst): if len(item) > 20: item = item[:20]+".." lst[idx] = item if len(lst) > 3: return "../"+"/".join(lst[-3:]) else: return "/".join(lst)
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