• Silarsis26

    (You need space somewhere on this forum for feature requests ;) These are in roughly order of interest

    • Directory support in the editor/browser - my main workspace is getting cluttered, it would be nice to be able to separate out projects by directory, and drop libraries further down.

    • Better traceback support - currently, if I've imported another python file and get a traceback there, it presents as a single line in the file I'm executing, with no real information about where it happened. Getting the file right, and perhaps presenting a traceback browser, would be very cool.

    • In that vein, pdb support, although I haven't really needed it yet. It's potentially tricky with graphical screens though - I already locked the app up once by pdb'ing while a graphics screen was up...

    • I'd love to see something like cocos2d available, but I suspect that's way too much to ask ;) I really like the approach pythonista takes to graphics, btw. I've been working on a little roguelike as an exercise, and it's surprisingly easy to get up and running.

    • Wrappers around other iOS capabilities like the gyro, location services, camera, etc.

    Does Pythonista have a roadmap? I ask because I'm debating at the moment whether to continue my (hobby) game dev in pythonista, or just treat it as a prototype for migration to obj-c, and you mentioned in another thread you see pythonista as more a utility/tool thing than a game thing.

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  • Silarsis26

    Awesome, very useful. I tweaked the script to support multiple files - at https://gist.github.com/4036200 - it appears to work, but caveat emptor. Hope it's useful to someone anyway.

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