• @simonh Good luck explaining that to Apple's app review department... :/

  • It is not too hard to roll your own custom view. See this example which allows pinch zoom using the borders. Earlier versions let you pinch within the view itself. The tricky part is correcting for the fact that the frame size is changing at the same time the touches are moving.

    Actually, in your case, you wouldn't change the frame size, but would instead keep a local variable zoom factor and scroll offsets, and use that to draw whatever you are drawing.

    For this example, in the beta, remove the 'sheet' from the last line. I haven't gotten around to updating this to correct the frame size.

  • That does the trick in the example. I can't use it directly in the real code because I'm putting several labels into the cell, but it should just be a matter of calculating the required frame geometries for the labels. Thanks!

    update. The workaround works fine for my use case. I set the label frame to the cell bounds, then offset .x and .width as required. Looks perfect!
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