• I'll just point out that the turtle module in pythonista is written in pure python (plus the canvas or ui module, I forget which), so can be edited to provide whatever missing functionality you need... Although that may be more effort than you really want!

    For instance, see

    The cpython turtle module is mostly NOT tkinter -- in theory it shouldn't be too hard to just strip out the tkinter drawing methods with ui.path drawing methods.

    If you are trying required to submit programs that work in a particular environment, you probably should make sure that you run your final checks in that
    environment -- get yourself a free shell account if you don't have a desktop/laptop. Sagecell also is a way that you can run code in a more standard environment (there are some threads on pythonista and sagecell with a wrench script that lets you run a script edited in pythonista on a sagecell server)

  • @SkiNoCap in the settings menu, keyboard and indentation, you can control whether pythonista uses tabs or spaces when hit tab, and whether to use 3 or 4 spaces.

    Tabs are good for retaining semantic meaning, but not great for actually formatting with a specific format in mind. In other words, tabs are good for storing data, but usually not for display.

    The idea of tabs for indentation is good -- similar to the way xml allows for device independent storing of data, which can then be rendered in a way that makes sense (say, small devices could use smaller spaces, or formatting into tabular format, etc)

    But the reality is that many editors don't properly support tabs, and it is usually hard to tell the difference between spaces and tabs, so your safest bet is to set pythonista to replace tabs with 3 or 4 spaces depending on your aesthetic.

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