• Luckily all of the appex examples are in Documents/Examples, and are editable!

  • Thanks, I will try this. I was so focused on the word 'destructor' that I missed them.

  • Wow... I just need to sleep. Sorry guys. I now see the problem too...!

  • I think that at each touch_began run, you create a new instance of ui.View, without deleting the previous one! Not vital but not the deal, I suppose.

  • OK, done. :-)

    quick&dirty (hopefully not very dirty ;-), but if you find some things to optimize please tell me):

    import ui class MyWebView(ui.View): def __init__(self, url): self.width, self.height = ui.get_window_size() self.wv = ui.WebView(frame=self.bounds) self.wv.load_url(url) self.add_subview(self.wv) bi_back = ui.ButtonItem(image=ui.Image.named('iob:ios7_arrow_back_32')) bi_forward = ui.ButtonItem(image=ui.Image.named('iob:ios7_arrow_forward_32')) bi_back.action = self.go_back bi_forward.action = self.go_forward self.right_button_items = [bi_forward, bi_back] self.present() def go_back(self, bi): self.wv.go_back() def go_forward(self, bi): self.wv.go_forward() wv = MyWebView('https://forum.omz-software.com')
  • Yes it's a bug an extension should still import following how it normally does.

  • Thanks a lot. Especially "CMMotionManager" mentioned in the document was a very good keyword for further searches. :-)

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