• spencerogden160

    Great stuff. Is there a simple module you guys have successfully installed using pipista? I keep running across modules which have dependencies are are looking for the python Makefile and failing. I'd like to help work on this, but a simple base case test would be great.


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  • spencerogden160

    Starting with Westacular's Gist, I did a rework of gistcheck.



    1. General code refactor including switching to requests and shelve module to make handling of the api and gist_id database easier.
    2. Renamed action scripts to start with "Gist" for easier grouping.
    3. New ability to create Gist. Calling "Gist Commit" on a file with no Gist ID set will create a new Gist and set the gist_id on the file correctly.
    4. Added some URL patterns to allow more forms of URLs to be passed in for stripping the Gist ID.

    Thanks for all of the previous work, I've been using gistcheck to keep my iphone and ipad pythonista installs synced up. I'm considering adding a script to Sync particular gists to make keeping multiple files update date easier.

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