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    Many of us have been hoping that Editorial would get ported to Mac - I certainly would buy it.

    Like you, I also bought Ulysses mainly on the hype surrounding it. I certainly think its a quality app, but in practice I've found Editorial to be more flexible / practical over the last year.

    Unfortunately, it seems that Editorial hasn't been getting lots of love recently from omz. Perhaps he's busy with other things - or maybe the next big version is about to drop - I don't know.

    But the two big things on my wishlist are: (a) integrated iCloud Drive sync, and (b) Mac OSX port.

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    I'd pay $19 for a Mac version if it included some updates to both iOS / Mac versions: full iCloud Drive sync and more syntax types (like ReStructured Text, Groff, etc)

    Overall I love Editorial but its a pain to always be tied to tablet/phone.

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    @omz said:

    ui.delay expects a callable object, typically a function, but you're passing the result of a function call (which is None in this case because colorIt doesn't return anything).

    Many thanks OMZ. I understand.

    I suppose to other approach is to refactor the code so that the called function has no parameters - but for this simple example partial seems easier.

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    Hi All.

    I'm loving the new 2.0 update.

    I'm trying to get my head around how the UI module handles redraws / screen updates.

    I'm trying to do a simple test where a series of labels blink in series (kind of like a row of LEDs, but text labels instead). I've found the UI.animate and UI.delay functions . However, I get an error when placing UI.delay in a loop.

    It's calls the function correctly the first call, but on subsequent it gives me error of "Type Error: Expected Callable Function"

    Here is code...can anyone illuminate problem?

    import ui
    def colorIt(lbl):
    def buttonClick(sender):
        for item in llst:
            print item
    v = ui.load_view()

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