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    Hi everyone

    I am trying to install the pynput module onto my iPad on Pythonista.

    I have used stash to do a pip install which mostly worked, but it did not download the setup.py file so I had to extract the file on my laptop and send it to my iPad. The setup.py file didn't run properly either so I made some changes by copying across the INFO data. Anyway, I managed to get the setup.py file to run without any errors, then I tried to do import pynput in the shell and it didn't work.

    I restarted the app and ran the setup.py file again, this time it had an error saying there was no module called setup tools installed. So then I did a pip install setup tools using stash, which worked, and tried everything again, but still when I type import pynput, it says there is no module.

    pynput is a module that allows python to control the mouse and keyboard of a computer. I was trying to test it to see if it could work on an iPad too. I must have this module installed in order for it to work.

    Please let me know your thoughts and please provide any advice if you can. Thanks so much

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