• steve_me

    That worked - Thank you.

    (I had to add import os)

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  • steve_me


    I created a large file from within Pythonista, which caused the app to crash. As I had the file open at the time (from testing its creation on a small sample) now whenever I open the app, it tries to open the file and crashes. From searching the internet I am not the first to have this problem but the suggested approach has failed to fix it (Using pythonista:// or pythonista3:// from safari, even after closing the app fully first, still causes it to crash).

    • Does anyone know a way around this?
    • Does anyone know a way to delete the file from outside the app?

    I would hate to delete and reinstall the app as I have code that has taken quite a long time to write (although the file itself can go).

    Thank you for any help you can give!

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