• @sulcud on second thought, I'm not sure what prevents one from re-signing the ipa file with their own provisioning profile, and reinstalling. See also here which has a lot more info, and a script to do the work for you.

    It appears that this allows you to update the entitlements plist, and update code signature to match whatever c libraries you are making.

    Presumably this means the "new" app gets a different name, and you then have to sideload it.

    It would be super interesting to hear if this works -- it might raise the possibility for people with XCode to integrate their own custom compiled dynamic libraries and call them from pythonista (scipy/pandas?)

  • @mikael WOW with that package the speed increase a lot, thanks, now I know the real power of async programming

  • By the way, there is a pure-Python ftplib module in the standard library, that's probably easier to read than a C version. (ftplib is only an FTP client though, not a server.)

  • WOW that repository is amazing thank you so much, I am trying to implement a regression tree classification, you are right python was not made for massive ML :(

  • HI @sulcud,
    Mindnotes app, looks interesting,
    could you please put up the english version,
    when you are free.
    Thank you

  • The objc_util module comes with extensive documentation (click the help button in the console, then click on Pythonista Modules, and fine objc_util). Have you skimmed it to see if your question is answered there? The docs contain several examples. There are also a few fully worked examples in the Examples/ObjC folder. Searching google for objc_util pythonista also brings up dozens of examples.

    It wasn't clear from your question whether you are trying to understand the CMAttitude class, or if you are asking in general how to use imports. Maybe rephrase your question, to be a little more specific about what you have tried.

    I find when using objc_util, the best way to work is using the console, because then autocomplete shows you method names, which makes it easier than translating objective c code yourself. Then when things are working, I translate it into wrappers, etc. Post what you have so far, and we can surely help

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