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    I have done a pixel art app with Pythonista. Everything is working as it should, and the painting experience is great through Python. But I wish the app had palm rejection when I used my Apple Pencil. Does anyone know if that is possible with Pythonista?

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    Relieved it was such a simple fix. Thanks!!

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    It seems like the command ui.present(style = 'full_screen') no longer gives a full screen view but rather a windowed view in the updated Pythonista. Anyone else seen this? Is this a bug or new behaviour?

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    Thanks @cvp! This is great!

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    Cool, saw your answer now!! I keep replying to fast :)

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    Cool, now most of the script seems to work as it should. Thanks again!

    I changed the text assignment to this, and now it appears where I intended:

            # Sends the selected image to the pixel Editor
            self.superview['File Label'].text = selectedFile 

    filePreview should exist though, should it not? I created it as an imageview a couple lines up, so is should be within the scope of the file window. Looks more like the function isnt called at all when I press the different table lines.

    Here is how it looks right now:

    import ui
    from glob import glob
    from os.path import basename
    class fileWindow(ui.View):
        def __init__(self):
            self.frame=(100, 150, 300, 300)
            self.name = 'File window'
            self.border_width = 2
            print ('Loader superview at init:', self.superview)
            imagefiles = [basename(x) for x in glob('*.*')]
            filelistData = ui.ListDataSource(imagefiles)
            filelist = ui.TableView(frame=(10, 10 ,150, 280), data_source=filelistData, name='filelist')
            filelist.row_height = 24
            filelist.action = self.fileSelected # This does not work...
            filePreview = ui.ImageView(frame=(170,10,120,100))
            filePreview.background_color = 'black'
            loadButton = ui.Button(name='Load', frame=(170,120,64,32), title='Load')
            loadButton.background_color = 'white'
            loadButton.action = self.loadAction
        def x(self):
            print ('Loader superview type = ', type(self.superview))
        def loadAction(self,sender):
            selectedFile = self['filelist'].data_source.items[self['filelist'].selected_row[1]]
            print ('Selected ' + selectedFile + ' from sender: ' + sender.name)
            # Sends the selected image to the pixel Editor
            self.superview['File Label'].text = selectedFile
        def fileSelected(self,sender):
            # This does not work..
            filePreview.background_color = 'red'
    class pixelEditor(ui.View): 
        def __init__(self, width=640, height=480):
            self.bg_color = 'grey'
            fileButton = ui.Button(name='File', frame=(10,80,64,32), title='File:')
            fileButton.background_color = 'white'
            fileButton.action = self.openFileWindow
            fileLabel = ui.Label(frame=(100, 80, 300, 32), font=('HelveticaNeue-Light', 32), text='___')
            fileLabel.name = 'File Label'
        def openFileWindow(self, sender):
            fv = fileWindow()
            print('File window opened.')
    v = pixelEditor()

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    @cvp said:

    print ('Loader superview type = ', type(self.superview))


    I still have to do a fv.present() inside the openFileWindow function, right? The window will not show up otherwise...

    print ('Loader superview type = ', type(self.superview)) now returns a NoneType, though.

    I still want to put the selected file name into fileLabel.text - how would you go about doing that?

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    Thanks, that also worked. I had the sub-window opening OK a couple steps back as well. But the next problem still remains, though, even in this version.

    I do a print ('Loader superview:', self.superview) when I init the fileWindow, to see that there is a parent view I can put the selected file into, but that still returns None. Is there a way to get the new view properly assigned as a child of the first pixelEditor view?

    edit: I see you have made a new function that prints the superview, but it returns fileWindow. So the windows parent is itself? Why is the superview not pixelEditor?

    Thanks for taking the time to help me out!!

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    When I do that, I get the error message 'pixelEditor' object has no attribute 'openFileWindow'

    Moving the definition before the action assignment doesnt change anything either.

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