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    Good eveving people. I have yet a simple question, and that being, is this App being Actively Supported by the Developer??

    I ask this, because I have seen that it hasn't been updated, since June 2014. That means there wasn't a update for iOS 8 and now iOS 9 is coming into play, and with multitasking and SplitView for the iPad Air 2, I would like to know if the Dev is active with this, and maybe even update it to use the SplitView features.

    The other reason is, I don't like buying Apps that are at a blockade in the road, and will never see future updates coming in. I suspect, if this was built with auto layout, then it will be easy to do, and would make this App front and Centre with Transmit for iOS, but I still want to ask the question, before outlaying the $

    Appreciate any replies.



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