• tengl

    I'd also like to add that built-in Dropbox sync feature would be really appreciated by a lot of people.

    There's a huge gap between people comfortable with every python script and API and those who just want to write some applet to cater to everyday automation need. I am the latter and I just can't find myself spending extra energy and attention on infrastructure.

    So @omz if you're reading this, please consider adding this feature to Pythonista (I've been using Sync features in Editorial and it works like a charm).

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  • tengl


    I'm new to Pythonista (and not exactly savvy with Python). Is there a way to sync everything with Dropbox, as there is in Editorial?

    So far I've tried using DropboxSync script, and even created a new app in Dropbox, but nothing has worked so far -- there's always some issue with Dropbox or Python/Pythonista. It's frustrating (for me at least). I just want to get started with my scripts instead of wasting 2 hours on this.

    Any help or URLs to some working script is greatly appreciated.


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