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    You could write using the ::highlight markup:: and then use a snippet to convert those into CriticMarkup format for previewing. If you wanted to get reallynfancy, you could create a workflow to convert and then show the preview, without altering the original document. Then always use hat workflow to preview.

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    Hi all. I've been using Editorial for a bit, including writing and/or adapting some basic workflows, but this has be stymied.

    I want to be able to compose brief markdown log entries (whether in Drafts or Editorial itself) and append them to a daily file in dropbox. The catch is that I'd like to insert photos from my iPhone camera roll.

    I've adapted the Save Image workflow to upload and retain an image path for inline linking, but it seems to strip/lose exif data -- in particular the orientation flag that apparently causes so much grief. Whether I view in Editorial's Markdown preview, or on my Mac in various Markdown apps (including Marked 2 and MultiMarkdown Composer), some photos appear rotated 90 or 180 degrees.

    Is there any way to avoid this? I have run across a complex (to me) Python script that apparently harvests exif data from camera roll pictures and then re-applies it, but it seems like overkill, and I'm not confident in my ability to adapt it to my needs (and combine it with the workflow I'm using to upload and retain a path to generate a markdown link).

    I'm hoping there's a more elegant (easier?) solution I'm overlooking. Image orientation seems like a pretty basic requirement for so many applications...



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