• tkrk

    The format has collapsed, but the correct directory structure is as follows.

    my app/.git/...
    my app/public/***.js, ***.PNG, ***.html
    my app/package.json, Procfile, Readme.md, server.js

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  • tkrk

    I am neither good at programming nor English. I am sorry if the meaning is difficult to understand.
    I cloned git remote repository I constructed in other environment to iPad with StaSh, worked there, push the change and I got an error saying

    [my app]$ git push
    Attempting to push to: https://github.com/####/***.git, branch: refs/heads/master
    stash: <class 'urllib2.URLError'>: <urlopen error [Errno 32] Broken pipe>

    The directory structure is as follows.

    my app/.git/~
    /public/**.js, **.html, **.PNG
    /package.json, Procfile, readme.md, server.js

    Since I do not know how to “git add [directory]” with StaSh, I typed "git add *. *" under public dir and I did "git commit" and "git push" under my app dir.

    How can I solve this problem?

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  • tkrk

    I got it all right!!
    It was a good choice to ask questions in English with courage.

    Thank you so much for your help!

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  • tkrk

    【Help!!】Errors that always appear at startup

    Since I do not usually use English, I am not used to English communication. So there may be places that it is difficult to understand, but I want you to help as much as possible!!

    I am using pythonista on my iPad and iPhone, but I am a beginner.
    The other day an error while working on the iPad was displayed on the console. I can not understand the meaning of the error well and I can not run most programs if I deleted or reinstalled the most recently installed module. Even if I reinstall Pythonista, the error is not resolved, and the error displayed frequently changes, but now the following error message is displayed on the console every time it starts up.

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "/var/containers/Bundle/Application/CDBBFE2B-6DF3-4E52-987B-AF5775D335F6/Pythonista3.app/Frameworks/Py3Kit.framework/pykit_startup.py", line 51, in <module>
    File "/var/containers/Bundle/Application/CDBBFE2B-6DF3-4E52-987B-AF5775D335F6/Pythonista3.app/Frameworks/Py3Kit.framework/pykit_startup.py", line 47, in main
    import importcompletion
    File "/var/containers/Bundle/Application/CDBBFE2B-6DF3-4E52-987B-AF5775D335F6/Pythonista3.app/Frameworks/Py3Kit.framework/pylib/importcompletion.py", line 26, in <module>
    import imp
    File "/var/containers/Bundle/Application/CDBBFE2B-6DF3-4E52-987B-AF5775D335F6/Pythonista3.app/Frameworks/Py3Kit.framework/pylib/imp.py", line 28, in <module>
    import tokenize
    File "/var/containers/Bundle/Application/CDBBFE2B-6DF3-4E52-987B-AF5775D335F6/Pythonista3.app/Frameworks/Py3Kit.framework/pylib/tokenize.py", line 34, in <module>
    import re
    File "/var/containers/Bundle/Application/CDBBFE2B-6DF3-4E52-987B-AF5775D335F6/Pythonista3.app/Frameworks/Py3Kit.framework/pylib/re.py", line 143, in <module>
    class RegexFlag(enum.IntFlag):
    AttributeError: module 'enum' has no attribute 'IntFlag'

    I'm doing fine on the iPhone, so I think that something that I installed on iPad has influenced. I could not find a solution in the Pytonista environment even if I looked it up on the Internet and I could not cope because of my lack of knowledge.

    Although initialization of the environment is also taken into consideration, please tell me what to do.

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