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    I'm having a weird issue when trying to save a PIL image to disk.
    Using the same input data with 2 different save methods, I'm getting significantly different file sizes for the resulting file-on-disk. In the case of very large images (4000px wide), the difference can be as much as 4 MB!

    The process I'm using is exactly the same as the one used in dialogs.share_image_data():

    fileRepr_temp = io.BytesIO()                # create stream to in-memory resource
    pilImg.save(fileRepr_temp, 'PNG' )
    img_data = fileRepr_temp.getvalue()        # get a bytes obj

    then afterwards:

    # save to disk using iOS
    (rstr, rlist) = dialogs.share_image_data(img_data)
    # save to disk by writing bytes obj to file
    fileRepr = open(pathStr, mode='wb')

    For some reason, the file saved through iOS is significantly smaller than the one created using write(). I'd like to be able to write this same smaller file-size without having to call the iOS dialogue (this is part of a batch-processing script).

    Unfortunately I don't know enough about file IO to understand what's going on here. :(
    Any help would be appreciated!

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