• Treenjood

    OK. Got it.
    I have to import the hello_world_v2.pyui script first and copy it into a script file. Can be hello_world_v2.py as well and then change .py to .pyui. When I have imported the .py text into the hello_world_v2.py file I have to rename the .pyui file to hello_world_v2_1.py to read the script.

    Great. That´s how I can learn.

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  • Treenjood

    I want to thank you both for helping me.

    It would be helpful if Pythonista would allow to copy an existing script / file and be able to rename this file.
    Than I could rename the .pyui file to an .py file and just read what Pythonista does in the background.

    Nevertheless I will look up the examples / tutorials on GitHub.
    The .pyui scripts are exactly what I wanted to see.
    Right now I can´t do anything with them, but it´s good to know how I could look them up.

    Thank you :)

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  • Treenjood

    I found und this topic:


    The given code doesn't work, because there is no module "workflow"
    that I can import.
    Do I have to install this module "workflow" first?

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  • Treenjood

    Hello coder community,

    I am new to Python and I haven't written code for some while.
    I specifically want to write gui with python.
    At home I have managed to install Pyqt5 and run some test variants in Visual Studio Code.
    My biggest problem was that all video tutorials are dated.
    They refere to Python 2.7 or some Python 3 variants before Python 3.5.
    Nevertheless now I know how and what to import.

    On the go I want to learn and use python as well.
    That is why I want to ask:
    Is there a way that placed modules in the .pyui file are implemented
    in the .py file as code automatically?

    That would drastically help me.
    Right now I don't even know what to write to talk to the .pyui file, nor to the
    modules in it. Like to a button.

    Thank you in advance.

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