• @trey, one idea would be to place a transparent view on top (as a subview of scene.view) to handle the touches.

    Then you would need to check if the touch is near the top-right corner to simulate clicking on the ”x” with superview.close(). And remember to flip the y coordinate before passing the coordinate and touch type to your scene code. And maybe go via screen coordinates if you do a lot of zooming and panning in your scene.

  • @trey Ahh, latest version has a new view controller structure.

    You can get to the console view controller like so:

    >>> app=UIApplication.sharedApplication() >>> cvc=app._rootViewControllers()[0].accessoryViewController().tabViewControllers()[0] >>> cvc.outputFont() <b'UICTFont': <UICTFont: 0x14dd34f50> font-family: "Menlo-Regular"; font-weight: normal; font-style: normal; font-size: 14.00pt>
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