• @bennr01

    This worked perfectly, Thank you! mycfavisit

  • Is there a possibility to set the background colour of the console?
    For the foreground (text), there's console.set_color, but I can't seem to find a function to set the background.

  • @Blanchot
    Yes, I can indeed imagine such a scenario. I am actually an IBM developer who had a stroke in 2011 and currently on long term disability leave, hence my handle ltd - LTD
    dev - developer
    (developer on LTD).
    Life events often necessitate removing yourself from the world just as you describe and I can easily imagine Ole (a real person, just like you and me with real life events) dropping out of the world/communication for a while and that this does not mean that he has given up on his projects.

    "...and seeing that Ole has recently begun again to publicly reply to tweets"

    is very good to hear and encouraging.about the future of Pythonista.

  • @upwart so you are combining many PIL images into a single SpriteNode because thousands of spritenodes have a performance penalty?

    Are all of the subimages continuously changing? Are these mini plots of some sort, or status icons? In other words is there a lot of repeated content? (Can you post a screenshot?)

    There may be some low level ways to get from something like an io surface into a texture. Or, there may be ways to create your ui.Images or scene.Textures such that the PIL image can write directly into the buffer, which minimizes the amount of conversions needed.

  • There is an issue with the console view in landscape mode. The little keyboard extension strip at the bottom of the screen overlaps the input area so you can’t see what you are typing. The workaround is to use the onscreen keyboard in portrait mode. Other than that, I haven’t noticed any issues.

  • @mikael
    You could try installing an old version of black from before regex was used, i.e. prior to 13 October 2019, I think... https://github.com/psf/black/pull/1047

  • @ihf If you have to many issues with getting dropbox to run, you can also use the mc and mount commands in StaSh with py2, which support dropbox. For help, see man mounting.

  • @cvp , @JonB
    It was all about Smart Punctuation, which should be off.
    That's why I hate iOS so much: nothing is customizable, only some crazy feautures. Glad Steve Jobs doesn't contribute anymore ...

  • @Strassboom or others missing the quite convenient asyncio.run feature: CPython repo has a backport of the runners module, which you can conditionally import with a try ... except.

  • @jonb
    Thanks for pointing me in the direction of images2gif. That seems to work, but it is painfully slow. Pity Pythonista does not include a more recent version of PIL(low).

    Please update Pythonista to a more recent version of PIL(low).

  • I know this is a 3+ year old thread but I still haven't been able to get this to work correctly with Dropbox (or several other apps that expose files through the External Files API).

    I have confirmed that overall the process works as I've been able to get Working Copy to show up as expected as a file provider when I click Pythonista > External Files > Open... However Dropbox always seems to show up disabled and I am unable to browse it to select files.

    Working Copy and Dropbox are both configured as external file providers in the Files app, and I'm able to browse their contents from the Files app. However when trying to browse them from Pythonista, Dropbox remains disabled.

    Is there any other configuration required to fully expose a 3rd party file provider in Pythonista?

  • Hiya I will say you can run stash under python 3.6 or what ever it is . just press go on the stash script it will show errors but I have found it to generally work if not manual install sorry dude and if there’s some c bits then it won’t work

  • @upwart , I remember I had a conversation about memory leaks before on the forum. Here is the link to the forum question I had and the discussion. It was 2 years ago, I am sure its still valid today. If I was worried about a memory leak today in a function or a class, I would try searching for a decorator that might be able to be helpful. I am not sure this could be done in a decorator, but the possibility that it could be occurs to me. In the old days in c we did a lot of stress testing to search for memory leaks. I.e running tests for a day or so, in those days with little memory it quickly become apparent if you had a memory leak. Aka crash.

    Edit: if you have a lot of memory. You could possibly create a big dummy object in memory to simulate less memory. Sorry only problem is I have no idea how iOS handles memory. I.e can it swap it out to disk etc...

  • Basically it doesn't need more than StaSh from Ole. But if Ole provides something like PyPI in the future, it will be kind of time wasting activity. Maybe better wording - some coordination from Ole would be welcomed :)

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