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    Currently I am trying to program a simple rigid-body simulation using Pythonista and it’s Scene framework for the rendering.

    I realized that it is difficult to debug at a specific point in frame since even if you add a breakpoint in editor somewhere within scene.update(), the Scene continues to run after hitting the breakpoint.

    And if you resume from a breakpoint, the view seems to back step to where it was. (Tbh not sure what the behavior is)

    I also tried to set a pdb breakpoint within scene.update(), but that seems to crash the application.

    The best bet I have so far is to have the scene pause at where Pythonista breakpoint is added; this would keep the variables the way they were at the point breakpoint was hit.

    • Do anyone have similar experiences in trying to debug a scene mid-step?
    • How is the debugging behavior defined when adding it within Scene step?
    • Are there any recommended ways one could debug a Scene in it’s step?

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