• WilliD55

    @bosco : I followed your instructions and I now have a copy of dropbox 11.7.0 in site-package-3. How do I import the newer version into my Skript rather than dropbox 6.4.0?

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  • WilliD55

    Have you been able to solve this issue in the meantime? I'm having the same problem on an IPhone 12 pro iOS 15.3.1. Used to work on my IPad.

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  • WilliD55

    @cvp : this line did the change with the example code as well as with my application.
    Thanks a lot

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  • WilliD55

    After some search in this forum I get to the conclusion that my issue might be a new one.
    I did a vocabulary trainer with an ui.view to display labels and buttons of some kind.
    One of these buttons calls an ui.list_dialog, where I can choose from a list of strings. The dialogue used to block the underlying view, so I could retrieve the selected string in the following line of code.
    After updating my IPhone to IOS15.2.1 this is no longer true.
    This is a very short code to demonstrate my problem

    # coding: utf-8
    import dialogs
    import ui
    class my_view(ui.View):
        def __init__(self):
            btn = ui.Button(title='Okay',action=self.action)
        def action(self,sender):
            #next line is executing before dialogue closed
                     self.lbl.text= act
    if __name__ == '__main__':
        v = my_view()
        v.present('full_screen') ```

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