• @wnMark , this comment doesn't go to the problems you are having, but just wanted to mention about the lastest beta having an update method for custom views. Just could help simplify your polling code if needed. Anyway, just wanted to mention it. I think it's a fantastic addition.
    For anyone that has not heard about this you see the last few comments of this thread

  • After starting pythonista3b it crashed (closed)

    When this happens try entering pythonista3:// in your browser. This launches Pythonista without some of the standard init activities. This often (but not always) works.

  • No problem.These are minor bugs!
    Good idea, I will put the bugs to the bug tracker

  • @dgelessus
    The same for me.

    Before that I tested App "Setup" I tried it with App "Note". And in App "Note" with iOS 9.3 I always get "Anna (Standard)".

    @JonB thank you for this link!

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