• Yalom


    Ok, so no, as in I can`t use ipython. What a pity.

    And import request is the answer to my question wether I can open stuff from safari directly on pythonista? If yes, could you please elaborate on that.

    I suppose you also meant that I should just use import numpy at the beginning of my code, but I did that and I sadly couldn`t creat arrays. I was trying to creat a more dimensional array by saying

    Import numpy as np

    A = np.array [[10. , 9. , 3. ], [3. , 4. , 2.]]

    And it wasnt working. Im always getting the shape of it (differently btw as in python on my computer...)

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  • Yalom

    Hi guys!

    I`m a starter with python and pythonista. I need it for university and would like to work at uni on my ipad. I have some questions regarding the topics in the titel:

    1, Can I use ipython in pythonista
    2, How can I open a file from the browser directly in pythonista. In other words: How can I open codes from the internet directly in pythonista?
    3, How can i import numpy? Is it even possible?

    Thank you in advance!

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