• ysiegel

    Ok thank you

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  • ysiegel

    Many thanks for your input, it works!

    I have a separate question, the shortcut launch is a bit clumsy (behaviour keeps changing, sometime I have to click to stop execution…)
    But I like the geofencing trigger….

    If I want to launch a script from home screen there is an option in Pythonista to create such shortcuts but it does not create anything… any idea why?


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  • ysiegel

    I am beginner and new to the forum.

    I am struggling to display in a user friendly way text output of a Pythonista script that works and does not require arguments.

    Creating à Home Screen shortcut from Pythonista does not work, it opens safari but does not create a shortcuts. Any idea?

    Using Shortcuts requires to allow the script to run and then the shortcut automation keeps running until manually closed…

    Do you have any suggestions ?
    Thank you

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