• Seems to be working fine. I had to reconnect to my external files in Files.

  • @jackattack Save the graph as picture and then load it in widget.

  • Still not working, really?

  • Hello,

    I will suggest to you that use Visual Studio Code as a code editor.

    It has big community support as well as lots of third-party Python-related extensions that can bootstrap your development process.

    I hope that helps you.

  • Sounds great! Looking forward to it.

  • @lei, cannot really comment on the entitlements process, except that recording entitlements are obviously a major security concern, at a time when app security violations are very much in the news every day, while it is hard to claim that this functionality would be in the core of what I would say is Pythonista’s ”reason to be” – so I would not make any short-term plans on making this happen.

  • I think that nowadays Editorial has to support Files that give us the choice to use the cloud service that we prefer.

  • From the main file browser (from the upper left menu button in the editor), find Python Modules. Then under that you should see site-packages, or site-packages-3. Under one of those you will find a stash folder, also anything you have installed with pip. Just delete the stash folder and anything you thing was installed by mistake, or was installed by pip. You can use the edit menu to select a folder then trash it.

    You might be able to just rerun the install script, after doing a force quit.

  • @dougharris said:

    future idiots like me

    There are no idiots here, only Pythonista users, thus very good guys. 😇
    Welcome anyway

  • @DaCondor54, ”...” is just indicating that the code continues, corresponding to the ”>>>” on the first line.

    One space after the dots corresponds to the space between ”>” and ”for” on the first line.

    Thus, indent in respect to the ”f” in ”for” on the first line. If you use 2-space indents, the second line should have 1+ 2 spaces after the dots, the third line 1+ 4, and the last line 1 + 2 again.

  • It might be useful to others if you post your code someplace -- the HTML /JavaScript, and whatever webview handler code -- a few folks have asked about xslt over the years, and it sounds like you got it working.

  • @aartiyadav numpy comes installed with pythonista, you cannot update it, due to how iOS requires compiled code to signed by the same app developer.

  • @3ryck there are a few ways to import files into pythonista... iCloud, share sheet, copy/paste.

    Once in pythonista, move them into the My iPad folder (aka ~/Documents), then you can import them from scripts in the same folder. Alternatively, you may copy them to site-packages, where they are accessible to all scripts

  • @jackattack said:

    Also the only bit I didn’t really understand was when you set up the button class you used init, but then you did spritenode.init what is this for?

    when you subclass an object that has __init__ paramiters you must either call the Parent class __init__ as i did here or you can use super(). if you do not call the parent's __init__ then the new object will not inherit the dirived.

    @jackattack said:

    I’ve learnt so much reading your code, love the way you’ve done so many things, spent ages going through it all. Could you give me any insight into the order you went about writing it?

    I usually start with utility classes. in my Example game this would be stuff like Screen() and EventManager(), then visual testing. at this point i woud start my ButtonNode() and Animations().. now i create my Player(), GUI() and o on. the order on the script itself doesnt matter with Object Orientated Programing (OOP) just remember the Interpreter exec the scripts top down. so in order to Dirive from from Class A it must exist before Class B.

    @jackattack said:

    Wow this works perfectly thank you so much, I’m going to take some time to study it and try to learn how to recreate it with some other effects. Thanks for taking the time out 😌

    Not a problem at all! 🥂💯 i enjoy helping others if you have any equestions please dont hesitate!;

  • Hi, I’m back... and yesterday i was recalling this forum, i just came by to tell you my experience.

    *Now it works and was easy to solve but difficult to get it there, because it seems is some app issue. I had to close and re-open the app as if it needs to refresh all variables or objects, idk.
    I noticed it when i was working on this code, it worked okay and then i took a 15mins break, but when i was back to Pythonista; it suddenly stop working... <<why?! If it was already working just fine>> Well i debugged it and i could see ‘contacts.Person()’ fields being changed and ‘saved’ correctly, BUT those updates only showed up within Pythonista, and not in My Contacts app. It was like if Pythonista retrieved all my contacts from a different app or memory.
    Well, after trying changing the code here and there without any success, i just closed the app(slide up) and re-open it, and voila, my code was working again, all contacts’ updates were mirrored in my contacts app.

    Now, the code i was testing and worked fine as example. (You can use get_all_people() instead of find() )

    import clipboard primer_valor_de_lista = 0 curr_cb = clipboard.get() temp_contact = contacts.find('Temporal') person = temp_contact[primer_valor_de_lista] #print(person.first_name) #converted = int(curr_cb) #print(curr_cb) person.phone = [(contacts.MAIN_PHONE, curr_cb)] #temp_contact[primer_valor_de_lista]=person contacts.save() #print(person.phone[0]) Insert Code Here
  • Cool. I'm exploring that way. If anyone has experience with this, I'd also be happy to try their suggestions :)

    Thanks again !

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