• hi abashed, i am running latest ipados 13 public beta and pythonista beta on an ipad pro 2017 10.5 and 12.9 and as of 20190823 empty script creation in icloud is working for me on the 10.5 (sorry unable to test developer beta). i also had problems similar to yours on earlier ios13 public betas. are you using the newest pythonista beta? hope this helps, maki

  • hi smartgoat, as far as i can tell using the latest ios 13 public and pythonista betas on ipad pro 2017 10.5 and 2017 12.9 as of 20190823 it’s not working yet, maybe in a later beta or another model? hope this helps! warmest wishes, maki

  • no i didn't solve it. I am unsure if a rtsp client is the right way and a lot of clients need cv2. So i just want to start a new question, because maybe there is a better easy way.


  • @ccc at the risk of going on about it,
    if shortcusts didn't put a redunant arg on the args list
    I wouldn't have to do anything.

  • @Ichicoro, maybe check @JonB’s code for Overlay?

  • @cvp Thanks it worked perfectly! And yeah I realized @JonB, now i can adjust parameters since it works. Thank you both very much :)

  • Alléluia, Ole is not dead 😂
    call me naive but I have always been optimistic

  • @ccb_2k18 sorry to answer so late but there is a time zone difference😇
    I've seen you posted the same question in another topic and you are right.
    Don't ask a question to only one person, and surely me, there are in this forum a lot of marvelous people, and often a lot smarter than me.

  • Vous etes super 😍 👍🏻 Je tellement aimes votre messages. That was my school french sorry it is poor too. 😌

  • @cvp actually it does work on the regular version.
    Not sure why i didnt see that before.

  • Thank you for your early comment.
    I am going to use it as an example.
    However, I was expecting only to place a radiobutton and set properties from the AddView screen.
    I think it is inefficient to write a lot of code even though it has ui functionality.

  • @cvp i have finished my first version of the program
    here https://gist.github.com/1b67ba85ca7bd7b23c7058216895372c
    this will:

    let you choose an album xxxx load the 200 first pictures present them in a photopicker from which you can build photo album pages (collage) it creates 2 new albums: xxxx_pages : the album pages xxxx_pages_and_photos: as it says. useful to upload the album in photoweb printing service for instance your own photos and albums are not modified

    to see how to use it tap ‘?’ button: it opens a youtube video that shows it in action.

    It is designed to work in lanscape mode
    let me know how it works for you.

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  • UIApplication.sharedApplication().keyWindow().rootViewController().showAccessoryWithAnimationDuration_(1)

    Is the equivalent of show_console. It certainly works with editor or panel, but very well might not work with fullscreen or sheet.

    What could work would be to find the view that contains the fullscreen view (by walking up the heirarchy in objc), and just shift the frame so it is partially off the screen, enough to get to underlying console. You may need to go up a few levels, as there may be some "shield" views. Basically, find the common ancestor to the console view and the presented fullscreen view, then resize the child leg that contains the presented view.

    I could be totally wrong.. it might be some kind of modal view controller that will prevent any other interaction.

    I usually use panel for this sort of thing -- you get the extra titlebar stuff, but you can easily go back and forth to console.

  • Ok, the other problem.. it seems to me that you are doing a (5,784) dotted with a 784,1, for the first loop. Dot should broadcast on its own (if training data is (N,784,1), I think, though perhaps you might need tensordot.

    But then second iteration, you try to multiply a 10,5 by the 784,1...

    Instead you need to store the current result as a separate variable.


    def predict (self,a): layer_output=a for [w,b] in zip(self.weights,self.biases) layer_output=self.activation( np.dot(w,layer_output)+b) return layer_output

    Which I think should give an out sized (N,10) if a is sized (N,784)

    Or perhaps

    def predict (self,a): output=np.array([]) for data in a: layer_output=data for [w,b] in zip(self.weights,self.biases) layer_output=self.activation( np.dot(w,layer_output)+b) output.append(layer_output)

    in case broadcasting doesn't work(but it should, and will be loads faster than a loop)

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