• Black Mamba 0.0.26 released:

    Jump to definition fixes Jedi - ignore definitions if there's no path & line number blackmamba.project trashed (replaced with Jedi, thanks to @JonB) Jump to definition shortcut synced with Xcode (Control Command J) Find usages added (script/find_usages.py & Control Command U) Show documentation (script/show_documentation.py & Control Command ?) Displayed as success annotation on the current line You can clear annotation with Cmd Shift K (already there) All these three featues does jedi now. Jedi is not thread safe and
    because I had not lot of time to investigate how and when is the Jedi
    used by Pythonista, I decided to disable these three features by
    default. To enable them, just set general.jedi to True when
    passing configuration to the main.

    BTW this . notation is a shortcut for documentation and you have to pass
    it as dictionary:

    config = { 'general': { 'jedi': True } } blackmamba.main(config)
  • MindNode is pretty popular for Mindmaps, I think (haven’t used it personally).

  • There is no way to change the vertical alignment of a ui.Label, but you could achieve a similar effect using my_label.size_to_fit().

  • @Matteo: Thanks for your suggestions and support. yes, user cannot install pkgs that contains compiled codes. I'm willing to include user requested module in the next release if the module can be migrated to iOS.

    @Phuket2: If I finish the migration of pyobjc omz may give a glance to my proposal, pyobjc can do anything(inter-operation with iOS) that Pythonista can do.

  • @zrzka I want to exit after it produce any output, and exit on demand. I know it's not the usual ios way, but why not, if I can? I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to do so. search this forum and I found there're some posts talking about this.

    @cvp are you serious? nothing happened after that url opened. you have an App named 'crash'?

    oh I see, I don't have a launch App :(

    you see, there's a URL for crash, because someone needs it. I think that's os._exit also? I'm not going anywhere but my Home screen......

  • Haha yeah pure python libraries are indeed slower

  • @mrcoxall Did youthe texinfo trick? Sounds like @kyelewis got something submitted in january or february.

  • @JonB Thanks, I'll give that a try.

  • @cvp, thanks. I also seen a similar news items. Shame such ass holes in the world. I wonder what coding effort % goes into security vrs features/innovations etc...It is what it is I guess, but disheartening.

  • @ccc, the hotel app idea is dead. My friend that I wrote the Excel/VBA version for is not in the hotel business anymore. We are Actualling sharing a nice big house together now in Pattaya. A Danish guy, we have been friends for many years. It's a little bit like the old show the odd couple, us to living together, but we still have fun :)

    So no real push for me to do booking thing any more. But I still would like to make a pretty good calendar picker( I honestly hate the Apple DateTime Picker). I have made some before, but I should be able to make something better now. At least I hope so. The other thing I will get back to is my voting app. I always go wrong, as I try to make frameworks instead of just getting on and coding something with brute force just to get it done. Pretty or not. It's funny I should have those problems at this age. I didn't have it when I was younger. I was very aware and sensitive to commercial realities, get it done and out the door! I guess without that need, it changes you.

    Hmmm, just after announcing I should be better. I need to ask something embarrassing. I looked at this last night, for some reason I could not get my head around it.

    Below in the generator you modified, I have added x in the return tuple. I can't figure out how to get x to just be a linear counter ie. 0 to (rows * cols)-1.
    I have looked at it too long so I have decided to ask....My feeling it should be something simple that can be done in place and should not be apart of the comp loops....
    just adding x doesn't make much sense as it appears below, but makes more sense if you are creating objects in the generator rather than a tuple.
    Any help appreciated.

    return ((w * j, h * i, w, h, x) for i in range(rows) for j in range(cols))
  • Only rectangles instead of text :(

  • I can confirm that this currently doesn't work as intended, but there's a workaround:

    import notification notification.schedule('Test', delay=5, sound_name='Media/Sounds/drums/Drums_15')

    The same pattern ('Media/Sounds/<collection>/<name>') should work with any of the bundled sounds, not just the 'digital' and 'game' collections.

  • Specifically https://github.com/muehlemann/InLine/blob/master/inline/Camera.m

    Helps with this project.


    Also has a lot of information I will be using.

  • Okay, that was quick. Thanks @JonB of reminding me about Jedi and basically forcing me to investigate it more. Trashed blackmamba.project, does use jedi now and it's ... super cool! Thanks again :)

  • If you long-press an identifier, it will pop up an option to open the help browser.
    You can also search for methods in the buil in doc viewer (question mark).
    Of course, you can also use the python built in help from the console.

    import os help(os.relpath)
  • Python 2.7.14 is now available for your desktops and laptops... https://www.python.org/downloads/release/python-2714/

    Also Python 3.7.0 alpha 1 should be out any day now https://www.python.org/download/pre-releases/

  • @zrzka, thanks for the reply. I understand your rationale.

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