• How many points does the source grid have? If you are just replacing the dest, I think you have to make sure the number is the same.

    I'll play around with it -- do you have code that initializes the grid in the first place?

  • @cvp

    I installed the last version, but the result doesn't change.
    I don't know why.

  • @GSpaceC quick and dirty

    import ui v = ui.View() v.frame = (0,0,200,200) v.background_color = 'white' b = ui.Button() b.image = ui.Image.named('test:Peppers').with_rendering_mode(ui.RENDERING_MODE_ORIGINAL) b.frame = (10,10,100,100) v.add_subview(b) im = ui.ImageView() im.frame = (120,120,70,70) im.image = ui.Image.named('test:Peppers') v.add_subview(im) v.present('sheet')
  • @mikael Understood. Thanks for the useful and helpful information!

  • @ChrisHare this script does exactly what you want

    import appex ui_image = appex.get_image(image_type='ui') print(ui_image.size)

    In Photos, you

    select one tap share button tap "run Pythonista script" tap "edit scripts" choose this script tap the run button

    Of course, if you want to use frequently, you can add it to the Pythonista share scripts

  • @tomkirn
    Thank you
    You save my day

  • Time for the space race!

    Space race demo animation

    Features tested:

    Animation Actions - Many but not all of the multitude of actions have been enabled, with a little addition of Python syntax - you can choose to use a set instead of Action.group, and a list instead of Action.sequence, like in this "pulsing" example for the race course buoys: A = Action node.run_action( A.forever([ A.scale_to(1.2, timing=A.EASE_IN_OUT), A.scale_to(1.0, timing=A.EASE_IN_OUT), ]) ) EmitterNode can be used for particle effects like the ship's thrust. Background tiling is a custom feature of the CameraNode - you provide a tile and a factor for relative movement, like here: self.camera.layers.append(Layer( Texture('background.png'), pan_factor=0.2, alpha=0.4))

    The layers in the layers list are ordered from closest to furthest away.

    EffectNode is used for the background performance, to cache all the individual tiles as one bitmap.

    Also planning to use this as a testbed for various field effects, inverse kinematics and remote play.

  • Hi Farmer,
    Perhaps the following code might help (the dots before 'shape' represent spaces):

    from turtle import * ht(); pu() for i in(getshapes()): ....shape(i); stamp(); fd(43) goto(0, -30) write(getshapes()) done()
  • @TableForGlasses In the console. Swipe from right to left to get it.

  • Start by pressing "+" to select a new document template. Press the info "i" button on the far right. At the top of the screen should be "Edit Template..."

  • @PyNewb94, you can

    run_action(Action.forever(Action.move_by(*speed)), "thrust")

    where speed is an (x,y) tuple or a Point, giving the relative change in ship’s position in 0.5 seconds. You change the speed by starting the action again with the same key, "thrust", or stop it with Node.remove_action.

  • @pavlinb said:

    But it would be good if i can avoid shutter sound. I assume it is caused by the method used to capture frames?

    Following this,
    I tried this without success

    c.AudioServicesDisposeSystemSoundID(1108,restype=None, argtypes=[c_int32]) # 1108 = shutter sound
  • @timmymathew If you want to send your file to Shortcuts app, there is a quicker way.
    Actually, you tap on Tools, Share, Shortcuts, your shortcut.
    With this way, you tap Tools, "Share to shortcut" (or the text you want, of course)

    You have to do, once,

    your shortcut, named here, My_shortcut, containing only:
    Get Clipboard
    Save file.....as yours shortcut create the little script here-under and add it to Tools
    That's all, folks import clipboard import editor import webbrowser t = editor.get_text() clipboard.set(t) url = 'shortcuts://run-shortcut?name=My_shortcut&input=clipboard' webbrowser.open(url)

  • I think I found the right place for it.

    @ui.in_background def got_input(st) : theModel.parse(st)

    That works in my program too.
    Thanks everyone for running such a patient and informative forum.

  • Has anyone tried personal hotspot tethering with Bluetooth? That’s the way I used to do it until my data plan changed and I didn’t have the ability to host a hotspot.

  • @JonB thank you very much, sir! It did work! Thank you!

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