• @cvp said:

    @DavinE please, try as method of an ui.View

    def get_screen_size(self): app = UIApplication.sharedApplication().keyWindow() for window in UIApplication.sharedApplication().windows(): ws = window.bounds().size.width hs = window.bounds().size.height break return ws,hs

    @cvp my friend, this works wonderfully

    Thanks a lot :D

  • @technoway did you ever get this working? I need something similar. Could you post the code?

  • Thank you very much for your extensive reply, it is very much appreciated and helpful. I was able to set a breakpoint, but using the debugger and stepping through the code seems quite difficult. I will keep trying

  • On iPhone, use the down arrow at right of script name, you will see appear the same magnifying glass

  • Thank you for the information. I am working with HTML and I may need to reduce it to plain text for easy searching and processing later. The information is useful if I should need to reduce the HTML to plain text. Thanks again.

  • @seriph thé search function of the forum is not very good, I personally use Google search but I search "Pythonista forum xxxx"

  • I am back to trying to get piecash to work with Pythonista. I can install piecash but if I try to open a mysql based Gnucash file. I get an error about MySQLdb module not found. If I try to install MySQLclient (which I believe has that module), I get:

    [~/Documents]$ pip install mysqlclient Querying PyPI ... Downloading package ... Opening: https://files.pythonhosted.org/packages/de/79/d02be3cb942afda6c99ca207858847572e38146eb73a7c4bfe3bdf154626/mysqlclient-2.1.0.tar.gz Save as: /private/var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/5CF6F970-CA4A-42FF-B937-D741C4282F1E/tmp//mysqlclient-2.1.0.tar.gz (87635 bytes) [====================] 100.00% | 85.6KiB           Extracting archive file ... Archive extracted. Running setup file ... mysql_config --version mariadb_config --version mysql_config --libs PermissionError(1, 'Operation not permitted') Failed to run setup.py Fall back to directory guessing ... Error: Cannot locate packages. Manual installation required. [~/Documents]$ pip install mysqldb Querying PyPI ... Error: Failed to fetch package release urls```
  • Too late… I reinstalled from zero…

  • What do you get when you try


    That is the time, in seconds. There is a way to get duration, in order to calculate time remaining.

  • @ihf thanks, good luck

  • You won't be able to install arcade. Pip might say it installed, but it won't work.

    Pythonista has its own unique game module called scene. You won't be able to reuse code from other engines, though you can translate most of what other simple 2d engines do to something equivalent in scene.

    @Cethric developed an engine that makes use of iOS OpenGLES, including a basic physics engine:

  • Sadly, this would be pretty deserved for Pythonista. It was by far the best app of its kind, but at this point it's dead. Last update was 2 years ago, and the one before that was another 2 years. The version of python it ships is EOL. New users should not buy it.

  • me too!
    plz look this omz...

  • Thank you so much Jon. I took the simple route, deleted all the modules and reinstalled. It took a couple of goes and it works. It looks like, as you say, one of the original uploads didn:t work. There are a couple of other problems but the developer who wrote the original twillo article has reached out to me so I:ll follow that route first.

    Thanks again Jon

  • Just force quit pythonista, then open again. If you are using python 3, then importing will check site-packages first.

  • @JonB
    It also worked for geocode nominatim query. Thanks 🙏

  • Thanks for this!

    When I physically connect an iPad it works beautifully in Xcode 13.3.1 (MacOS 12.3.1) on a Mac Mini M1

    However, building for a simulator, I get this:

    ld: building for iOS Simulator, but linking in dylib built for iOS, file '/Users/andreas/Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/CloudSrc/Pythonista3AppTemplate Updated/Pythonista3AppTemplate/Py3Kit.framework/Py3Kit' for architecture arm64

    I suspect the linker is telling me that the arm64 version is meant for an iOS device and that it is missing an arm64 version for MacOS? Does anybody know of a solution?


  • For Bioinformatics Support loadcsv also support tsv format file (\t split type), just using: loadcsv test.tsv tb1 1 loadcsv also support bioinformatics .maf/.vcf/.sam/.gtf/.gff/.gpd file, just using: loadcsv test.maf tb1 or loadcsv test.vcf tb1 Load GenBank Format Features Data. using: loadgb gbfile tb01 load bioinformatics GenBank file (etc: .gb/.gbff/.gpff) features info to table. Crawl website data, parse and write to database using: loop loadweb url=https://xxx.xxx.com/xxx re=(\d+), base on python regular module, Qsqlite loop nesting function, can achieve complex web data crawling and content extraction, and then write to the database.

    All new function please check the Readme file

    Qsqlite is one py file only, you can just copy the Qsqlite.py file on Github to Pythonista, and then run it on python3 mode.
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