• @dakadagm7 If you want to use Pythonista reminders module for other attributes and methods, you can add this kind of code to only use Objective-c for setting priority

    from objc_util import * import reminders def test(): # EKEventStore = calendar database store = ObjCClass('EKEventStore').alloc().init() def_cal = store.defaultCalendarForNewReminders() tit = 'added via Pythonista' # Get unique identifiers of all existing reminders with this title predicate = store.predicateForRemindersWithTitle_calendars_(tit,[def_cal]) EKReminders = store.remindersMatchingPredicate_(predicate) existing_uids = [] for EKReminder in EKReminders: existing_uids.append(str(EKReminder.uniqueIdentifier())) print(existing_uids) r = reminders.Reminder() r.title = tit r.save() # Get all existing reminders with this title predicate = store.predicateForRemindersWithTitle_calendars_(tit,[def_cal]) EKReminders = store.remindersMatchingPredicate_(predicate) for EKReminder in EKReminders: if str(EKReminder.uniqueIdentifier()) not in existing_uids: # this reminder is the just added one EKReminder.priority = 3 # store modified reminder in calendar store.saveReminder_commit_error_(EKReminder,True,None) break test()
  • Yes I have looked at the documentation, though the example only works for the stock application. Also the function I eluded to is not a class method, but a function. I’m looking into ctypes, but I dont know how to pass a dispatch queue or a completion block to it, As I’m not too familiar with ctypes.

  • you have a few problems. The first one is, your calculateFitness runction has an error, which is being hidden because you are using try-except instead of catching a specific exception (i think you misplaced your colon, then forgot what you wanted to do in case of divide by zero)

    Next, you have to remember that lists are objects. So

    >>> a=[1,2,3] >>> b=a >>> b.append(4) >>> a [1, 2, 3, 4]

    so, when you copy moves to the new entities, you are copying the object, thus mutations all happen on the same copy. assign moves.copy() instead, or [m for m in moves]

    finally, I'd suggest you add a shapenode representing the selected parent, so you can see what is happening. Also you might want to label the fitness of each node. your fitness computation should pribably depend on screen size... as is, on my ipad, half the time the fitness is just under 1 ror all entities, meaning that nobody gets a preference!

    finally, as an aside,

    abs(entitity.position - target.position) is a convienece method to get distance.

  • A gist would be helpful...

    What is happening during touch_moved?

  • The Dropbox SDK will only manage files when connected, correct? So just to clarify, there is no workflow or other offline equivalent to either swiping left on a file to delete, or using the in-editor feature to rename a file.?

  • Never mind, I understand my problem!

    At first I thought it was because the module is in cache but I restarted Pythonista and the problème was still there. However, it gave me a hint: how about the cache. That is when I realized the I am loading that very same module within pythonista_startup, which happens before I use my current directory.

    Problem solved! Probably the fastest resolution on the forum... my bad! LOL!! :o))

  • Iirc you can, in a pythonista-startup script, modify sys.path to point to your iCloud folder.

    I forget the details, but sys.path is somewhat reset when globals are reset, but I think there was also a way around that.. possibly with site module or .pth files.

  • Turns out that the person who posted this code did not have a Tello to test and the address he coded is wrong. It should be, 8889.

  • https://gist.github.com/b732076dc521c3c130a865924b6731d5

    This is what I mean. You would add your processing to the callback. but basically there are always two files recording, and one processing, so words will never be cut off.

    In other words file 1 might cut off "App", but file 2 started a little later, so would get the whole "Apple".

    obviously there would have to be other logic that switches to continuous record once the wake phrase is discovered.

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  • Thank you!

  • Thank you, i’m gonna try it out soon

  • I did some further research... obviously the non printable escape sequences are filtert by ios keyboard driver.
    When I scan directly into an Raspberry-Shell the escape sequences are displayed but when I opened a shell via ios (for example "shelly") non printable characters are filtert.
    So its not a problem of pythonista! Should I delete the threat?

  • @cvp

    I'm sorry, I'm late.

    I wrote a very wonderful code.

    I want to try it after I finish work.

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  • @mikael Done. But the reader has some 18+ sites. Be careful. https://github.com/yjqiang/yj_ebook_reader Execute eimg_reader.py or ebook_reader.py.

  • +1 on this. Editorial is the only app keeping Dropbox on my Mac.

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