• @bjdejong42 I got same kind of problem. I have had to reboot (power off/on) my iPad...

  • So you’re interested in converting m4a to mp3? Because I tried the same at first, and then realised that m4a works perfectly fine for me. Ffmpeg or avconfig sadly can’t be used in Pythonista

  • @mikael said:

    this being an 13.1 bug on iPad.

    Still there in 13.1.3

  • This happened to me also.
    I deleted the ipadOs13 beta profile & rolled back to 13.1 to get editorial working again.

  • @image-tech-nick or see here to use keyboard like

  • I'm pretty sure that shortcuts can't simulate taps into other apps. That would be a huge security risk.

  • What type of signal processing do you need? Pythonista has numpy, so you can do certain types of processing easily (and other types with some effort)

  • If you wanna clone widget click hold the widget> copy. Go off the frame and click hold > paste. If you want to change an existing widget click on the widget and paste.

  • Thank you @cvp for all your help and @Phuket2 for filtering code.
    I have put up the fully working version below.
    I use this to order a lot of books for our bookstore.
    I have the csv data file with a few thousand records of book title and book author.

    import ui items = [ ['Pretty Woman', 'Julia Roberts'], ['Seven Year Itch', 'Marilyn Monroe'], ['Casablanca' , 'Ingrid Bergman'], ['Roman Holiday','Audrey Hepburn'], ['African Queen','Katherine Hepburn'], ['Out Of Africa','Meryl Streep'], ['Cleopatra','Elizabeth Taylor'], ['Titanic','Kate Winslet'], ['Apartment','Shirley MacLaine'], ['West Side Story','Natalie Wood'], ['Rear Window','Grace Kelly'], ['Pillow Talk','Doris Day'], ['Sound Of Music','Julie Andrews'], ['Love Story','Ali McGraw'], ['You Got Mail','Meg Ryan'], ['Clueless','Alicia Silverstone'], ['Great Gatsby','Mia Farrow'], ['Mask','Cameron Diaz'], ['Kill Bill', 'Uma Thurman'], ] w,h = ui.get_screen_size() h=h-64 gap = 5 fontsize = 15 if w<750 else int((w / 75) + 16) class MyTableViewDataSource (object): def tableview_cell_for_row(self, tableview, section, row): row_title, row_description = tableview.data_source.items[row] # 'subtitle'-style cells come with a built-in secondary label cell = ui.TableViewCell('subtitle') cell.text_label.text = row_title cell.text_label.text_color = 'blue' cell.detail_text_label.text = row_description cell.detail_text_label.text_color = 'slateblue' return cell def tableview_number_of_rows(self, tableview, section): return len(tableview.data_source.items) class MyTableViewDelegate (object): def tableview_did_select(self, tableview, section, row): main, desc = tableview.data_source.items[row] print(f'{main}, {desc}') class MyTextFieldDelegate (object): items = items or [] def textfield_did_change(self, textfield): self.filter_data(textfield.text) def filter_data(self, filter_text=''): ft = filter_text.lower() if not len(ft): tbl.data_source.items = self.items tbl.reload() else: tbl.data_source.items = [s for s in self.items if (ft in s[0].lower()) or (ft in s[1].lower())] tbl.reload() view = ui.View(name='Filter Items', frame =(0,0,w,h), bg_color='slateblue') tf = ui.TextField(frame=(gap,gap,w-gap*2,32), flex='w', placeholder='Search', clear_button_mode='always') tf.delegate = MyTextFieldDelegate() view.add_subview(tf) tbl = ui.TableView(frame=(gap,42,w-gap*2,h-42), corner_radius=3, flex='wh') tbl.row_height=fontsize*2.5 tbl.name = 'Item Table' tbl.separator_color = 'grey' tbl.data_source = MyTableViewDataSource() tbl.data_source.items = items tbl.delegate = MyTableViewDelegate() view.add_subview(tbl) view.present('sheet', title_bar_color= 'slateblue')
  • If you do not see the iCloud Symbol in pythonista under

    Script Library

    This iPhone/iPad iCloud (<- if you do not see this)

    or if your iCloud drive does not contain a folder for pythonista when you want to setup the sync in working copy.

    Then just head over to the ios settings and choose iCloud and enable pythonista to be able to use the iCloud.

  • Insering a sleep for a few hundred ms seems to work. Resolved!

  • I believe mqtt would work -- I think it has ack/resend capability for example -- though may also be overkill. One peer would act as server (broker in mqtt parlance), and maybe would also have to run the client as well, though maybe not.

  • @JonB I believe you are correct that none of the video game emulators are pure python or quite finished. They all have several dependencies that are incompatible with Pythonista from what I saw. Emulation is a fascinating concept to me, but way over my head as I am just starting to dip my toes into programming.
    I took a look at applepy and I am very impressed. I will try to learn more about emulation and hopefully be able to understand it a little better.
    I’m also blown away that you were able to adapt a pygame project to Pythonista. It goes to show that the possibilities are endless!

    @Ti Leyon I’ve been reading through that link you gave me, and it is an awesome reference. I will also have to give iDOS 2 a try, I wasn’t aware that a DOSbox emulator existed on iOS!

  • You gentlemen are brilliant! Thank you so much, this is exactly what I needed to move forward with this little project.

  • @generic shortcut "execute Pythonista script" does not work for iCloud folder of Pythonista

    That works, but non iCloud and without arguments

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