• @ccc Hi, it doesn't worry me too much because I think I will continue to use my personal Python 2 scientific scripts (for work and hobby) that usually don't require any Python 3 features, but I have often asked myself some questions that I have never been able to answer.

    Really I never understood why it was useful to develop a different version of Python (why create a new big version of Python, from 2 to 3, instead to give Python 2 the same useful features of Python 3? maybe too complicated the upgrade of the existing Python 2 and more easy the develompment from zero of a new programming language that is Python 3?).

    Has Python 3 started to be developed due to several requests by users about usage of Python 2 programming language? I mean, what had prompted developers to start creating Python 3 instead of upgrading Python 2 with the additions (new/different features) requested by users that now are implemented in Python 3?

    Was it not enough to modify Python 2 with the purpose of interpreting the new Python 3 syntax, in order to have Python 2 updated with the most interesting things provided for Python 3?

    And apart from some syntax differences between Python 2 and 3 (for example the different syntax of the "print" function), what features are really more efficient in Python 3 to justify the abandonment of Python 2, and the consequent abandonment of innumerable Python 2 libraries which are no longer updated to Python 3 by the developers?


  • Before you jump out to Android, check out an alternative Python 3 implementation on iOS. Pyto let’s you blend C and Python code into a single application. https://github.com/ColdGrub1384/Pyto/blob/master/PORT_LIBRARY.md

  • @sendog3c, this seems to work:


    ... although the contained elements do not show the visual cues of being disabled (e.g. greyed-out text), so there is little practical difference to just setting:

    view.touch_enabled = False

    If the visual cues are important to you, I suggest writing a little utility function that loops through the subviews of a view and sets the value of the enabled property, if it exists (use hasattr), or touch_enabled otherwise.

  • Personally, I use this way

  • @shinya.ta Really, if I'm your god, please change your religion 😂

  • New version V0.1 of OneArmBanditGame.py

    # Version V0.1 # - bug: view title was "diring" instead of "during" # - mod:random selection, # instead of showing (selecting) row between 1th and n-th, # show (select) row between n + 1 and n + n to avoid blank rows at top # - mod: disable manual spin # - mod: inverse rotation sense, like real one-arm bandit games # - mod: always turn in same sense # - mod: reuse identic view per component
  • @mikael I agree that, with my very small knowledge about ObjC, I spend sometimes a lot of hours to finally write a so little script, but I have this time as retired 👴🏻

  • @ccc Hmmmm, I thought PNG is not compressed so it would be safe already.

  • Ok finally solved it. I missed this fragment in the docs:

    Overriding the default provided on_message forbids any extra commands from running. To fix this, add a bot.process_commands(message) line at the end of your on_message

    Thanks everyone for help.

  • @Enez-Houad 👍

  • It works. Thank you very much

  • @ccc ok, thanks for the advice.I'll (try to not forget to) do the same

  • That makes sense, but they disappear from the easy_config display once a new choice has been made. My experience using the feature on two different iPads is the same. Once a new color selection is made, that particular control becomes permanently blank. Thereafter, when easy_config is used again, those previously used color controls remain blank. So I did an $ rm -r command and removed the StaSh folder and did a complete reinstall of StaSh in order to see those controls again—and this time left the 'tint' control alone. Success. I can see the cursor.

  • RESOLVED Thank you, much better.
    Best regards,
    Robert Buckley

  • @omz regarding passing output: iOS 13 has API's for that! Please support them! :takemymoney:

  • Why, thank you very much. The single quotation marks is what I was missing. RESOLVED

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