• @cvp

    It is the custom keyboard code written in this topic.
    I was in trouble because I couldn't use it.

  • @cvp yes you’re right 😅

  • @pavlinb, if this was originally run on iPhone 6, I bet we can do better than 5 fps on the face detection today. Have you studied enough to know whether we really need to initialize the face detector with options every time it is used?

  • It seems to me you could also dispense with most of the long / short specific logic, and just compute the other edge, then figure out which one is the long vs short after the fact.

  • @cvp, no worries! If you said something nasty, I would know someone had hijacked your user account.

  • see the box under the console? Click on > and you will see the interactive prompt. THat stumped me for hours.

  • Lol thanks

  • @mikael
    sorry for reply late, im not sure if i get your point at sec paragraph, cause my eng not even good and machine translation not so reliable.
    let me assume you meant that you would give support if i want to try adding read-mode.
    thanks for your kind, but i dont know if i have time to do it, and i didnt learn objc before, so maybe it would take long time to finish that (or never :/
    btw, content rule is a great direction indeed, i should take some time to learn about that

  • @mcriley821 Wow, I clearly did not look hard enough initially! That's amazing!

  • To get this file path, share a song to this small Pythonista script

    import appex fil = appex.get_file_path() print(fil)
  • You can use objc_util to check your connection type.

    from objc_util import * NWPathEvaluator = ObjCClass('NWPathEvaluator') connection = NWPathEvaluator.sharedDefaultEvaluator() def isOnWifi(): info=connection.path() if info.isExpensive(): #on cellular data return False #Not on wifi elif info.status() == 2: #no connection return False #Not on wifi elif info.status() == 1: #on wifi return True #Wifi! else: return None #Unknown or Error

    Will continue to see if there’s a way to retry a connection....

  • @omz do you have a new link for the beta signup? 😊 thank you!

  • @ihf I think (and hope) he will.
    See "What's New in Pythonista" page in the documentation, where @omz says «If you’ve been using the beta, you may notice that the “Siri Shortcuts” feature is missing from this release. It’s still planned, but the beta implementation was based on already-outdated iOS 12 APIs, and I want to take a little more time for a version that makes use of new iOS 13 features like custom parameters. Thanks for your patience! There’s still a lot of new stuff to discover in this update.»

  • I really like this idea.

    I’ve got this set up and put both the sharededlibs.py file and the sharedlibs_list.txt file in the generic site-packages directory. I’m able to run the sharedlibs.py script directly and get it to list the “packages” I have put into the file.

    When I try to to actually use it now, I get an error:

    stash: <class 'ModuleNotFoundError'>: No module named 'my_cmd'

    I have a directory called “my_cmd” (and it is the path I use in the txt file above) with a __init__.py and BaseCmd.py file in it.

    So, am I missing something? Probably am, but not seeing it! :-D Any help would be appreciated!


  • I was told to ask the developer about the invitation code.

  • Turns out that the service publishing to MQTT had some errors, and also Pythonista somehow was caching the handshake. After restarting both the error cleared out.

    Thanks for the reply.

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